‘The Challenge’ Season 40 Ending With First-Time Shocker?

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The Challenge Season 40 will have a new theme: Battle of the Eras. The series might not start until August 14, but there are already spoilers leaking out about how the season ends. If the spoilers are correct, the new season will end with a shocking first-time moment that could throw the entire season into chaos.

Here is what might happen in the next Challenge season. Spoilers for The Challenge 40 follow, so proceed with caution.

What Is Rumored To Happen On The Challenge 40: Battle Of The Eras?

Challenge 40: Battle Of The Eras premieres on August 14, 2024, on MTV. However, as is the norm, its episodes have been filmed ahead of time. This means that spoilers remain out there for what happens. This includes the finale, which reportedly will be a first-time moment for the reality competition series.

The Challenge / YouTube
The Challenge / YouTube

According to the leaked spoilers, the finale sees three winners (spoiled in an earlier leak). For anyone who wonders how this is possible, there was a tie in the finals for the first time. This happened on the women’s side, as there were two women winners in first place: Rachel Robinson (Road Rules: Campus Crawl) and Jenny West (Survival of the Fittest UK). They will join the men’s winner to give three total winners this season.

This has never happened before. It is unclear if they will split the money or if there will be a tiebreaker at the reunion.

The Challenge 40 Was Already Set To Be Different

The new season already looked different. The contestants first face off in a twist on the usual format: the Era Invitational. This is a preliminary round to filter out less competitive players. This means the competitors of each era will only send their “strongest” to the competition.

With that in mind, the competitors include some big names. These include Johnny Bananas, Rachel Robinson, Christopher “CT” Tamburello, Derek Chavez, Jordan Wiseley, Tori Deal, Michele Fitzgerald, Josh Martinez, and Theo Campbell. Clearly, the competition is strong, and the result is a first-time tie.

The big change that caused this tie was the new “karma points.” If the show hadn’t factored in the karma points, Jenny West won first place, Michelle Fitzgerald would have taken second, and co-champion Rachel Robinson would have finished third. The cast didn’t know about the karma points during the game and only learned about them in their exit interviews.

On the first day, TJ told the cast to make friends because it could help out later on. When the players head in for their exit interviews, they award karma points to all the remaining players (1-5). These add to the player totals at the end.

Are you surprised The Challenge 40 ended in a tie? Is there a way this could have been handled differently to name one winner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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