’SWAT’ Shemar Moore Opens Up, Does He Want More Kids?

SWAT: Shemar Moore

SWAT star Shemar Moore recently added being a father to his list of many titles. The actor got real recently about fatherhood and what it means to him, as well as whether or not he wants more kids. So, what did he have to say?

SWAT: Shemar Moore Has Been Eye Candy For Decades

SWAT celeb Shemar Moore may be putting away bad guys as part of an elite SWAT team these days, but, the actor has been certified eye candy for decades. Even well into his 50s, Shemar Moore keeps himself in shape and makes the ladies swoon every time he gets on the screen.

Before his hit series with SWAT, Shemar Moore scored another hit with Criminal Minds, a show with a loyal fan base that he was part of for years. Fans have been following his career for decades, including his turn as Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless from 1994 to 2005.

Shemar Moore making the heart symbol with his hands / GMA YouTube

Popular Actor Recently Became A Dad

It wasn’t all that long ago that the hunky actor became a dad for the first time. Shemar Moore is proof that you can focus on your career and accomplish everything you want to do in that regard, and then become a dad for the first time later in life.

Shemar Moore welcomed his first child, a daughter named Frankie Meleine Kapule Moore in January of 2023, a big shift from the actor, who was known for not settling down, and instead, focusing on his career and life as a bachelor. However, it’s clear he felt that he was finally ready for fatherhood.

Shemar Moore - CBS
Shemar Moore – CBS

SWAT: Does Shemar Moore Want More Kids?

Shemar Moore recently opened up about fatherhood, as well as the possibility of expanding his family even more following the birth of his daughter last year.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the possibility of adding to his brood, Shemar Moore said: “Possibly. But I ain’t no Spring Chicken and Ms. Thing [Dizon], she’s already got two wonderful kids — her son, Kayden, who’s 17, and her little daughter Charlie, who’s 6 — and they’re sweethearts. And then we got little Frankie. We got our dog, Tyson. So we got a full house.”

While Shemar Moore may entertain the possibility of expanding his family, he also seems content with everything he currently has. He isn’t at all in denial about the fact that, given his age, it may be best to keep his current family unit just as it is.


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The SWAT actor went on to say: “Right now, I’m enjoying what I got.”

In many ways, Moore now has a little bit of everything, as he was able to focus on his career and bachelorhood early on, and now, he gets to be a dad later in life. All in all, everything seems to be working out for him, and his many fans love to see it.

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