Kim Plath Officially Files For Divorce, Wants Child Custody & Support

Kim Plath - Welcome To Plathville - TLC - YouTube

Many Welcome to Plathville fans assumed that Kim Plath had filed for divorce from Barry Plath already. However, she hadn’t until Wednesday, June 26. Notably, the TLC star wants custody of three of their children. She also wants Barry to pay child support. Read on to find out what’s going on.

Kim Plath Left Barry Plath Over Two Years Ago

Welcome to Plathville fans were shocked when Kim suddenly started sleeping on the couch. Then, she stayed in other places without her husband. She took up dancing, flirted in her midlife crisis, and left Barry and the kids reeling in shock. It happened after they moved off the farm and into town.

Kim and Barry Plath - YouTube
Kim and Barry Plath – Welcome To Plathcille – TLC – YouTube

Kim Plath said in 2022, that things were changing but Barry didn’t want to adjust. So, she vamoosed, letting him pick up the slack with the kids. Soon, fans heard that she hooked up with Ken Palmer and moved to Flordia to be with him. Actually, he even appeared on the TLC show. This weekend, Starcasm revealed that she finally filed for divorce.

Welcome To Plathville Star Wants Custody & Child Support

Sharing the news about Kim Plath on Instagram late on Saturday, the outlet summarised their report about the divorce news. The caption said:

EXCLUSIVE! #Plathville’s Kim Plath FINALLY filed for divorce from husband Barry Plath on Wednesday after the couple separated more than 2 years ago. She’s asking for permanent primary custody of their 3 minor children as well as child support.

Welcome to Plathville Star Kim Plath Files For Divorce - Starcasm - Instagram

In their article, the outlet cited the Welcome to Plathville star’s filing as follows:

Plaintiff shows that she is a fit and proper parent to care for the minor children and that she is entitled to both temporary and permanent primary custody of the minor children.

TLC fans should note that it seems as if Lydia Plath or her sister Amber stepped into a mommy role in her mother’s absence. Kim Plath decided she wanted Amber, 15, Cassia, 13,  and Mercy, 11. Because she claims to be a “fit and proper parent,” she wants custody. Additionally, the TLC star wants Barry to pay her legal fees and child support. This comes even after she is the one who moved out and left the kids for him to raise.

Kim Plath - Ken Palmer Facebook
Kim Plath – Ken Palmer Facebook

Although the papers didn’t specify what she and Barry Plath own, she wants their various properties and their debts divided between them. The TLC actress also talked about how she will elaborate if necessary, on the reason for the divorce. But for now. she’s going for the timeworn, “irretrievably broken” marriage.

What are your thoughts about Kim Plath finally getting around to filing for divorce from Barry Plath? What about her wanting custody of their three minor kids? Are you shocked? Remember, she was the one who moved out and left the kids for him to look after. Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Welcome to Plathville news.

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  1. She is not a fit parent for those girls, she’s never been a parent to any of the kids.
    He’s not a lot better but has stepped up since she left.
    She can have a few visits and pay support and alll the legal fees.

  2. She wanted out of the marriage, and she filed for divorce, co-parent, therefore child support payments should be off the books. Get a job…sell your properties, marry the family friend and let him help you financially. I’m tired of these women wanting the man to foot her bills when she didn’t want him anymore AND she filed, I hope he has a good attorney. Don’t give her NOTHING.

  3. Y now? She had to b free. Free to figure out what SHE wanted. Her relationship with ALL her kids has suffered for yrs. Stop upending the kids lives with ur ‘whems’ Go do you and leave what Barry has stood by, picked up and stayed constantly consistently in his children’s lives. She floated around be n cute and had no worries. Leave the chicken and Barry be. He asks nothing of you yet allows her everything.

  4. Why do parents do this. Leave them where they are happiest. You managed to screw up many others, so let’s try and give these three a chance. I think they would be best off with Lydia, but that should not be hers to take on, sad is all it is.

  5. I think he is a controlling and manipulative prick. I think he wanted his wife barefoot, pregnant, and above all else OBEDIENT. I don’t believe for one minute he is how he appears on camera and I think she is willing to shoulder all the blame in order to shelter the children from who he really is.

  6. She is not a fit mother. She got arrested for DWI!! Leave the kids and him alone. She didn’t want to be married because he didn’t appreciate her. Never mind he’s working his butt off trying to support all those kids and her fat butt! She needs to shack up with her son’s boss and let him support you. See how long he puts up with your controlling personality. If Barry’s smart, he’ll get nasty. He’s been too passive already!!!

    1. I think you have it all wrong. Ethan and Olivia’s marriage seems to mirror that of his parents. When they married, they were of the same belief systems but it was the women who took a left hand turn and started to pursue a lifestyle totally uncharacteristic of that which they presented to their spouses at the beginning. The guys were both blindsided by their wives’ sudden turnabout in their character. If Barry preferred his wife to be pregnant and barefoot, well she knew that going into the relationship and obviously felt the same since she had so many kids. These women are no longer the women these men knew. You just don’t go around willy-nilly changing your fundamental core beliefs. Olivia calls is “growth”. I call it being unbalanced. These women selfishly wasted years of their spouses’ lives pretending to be someone they were not. That kind of deceit is unforgivable. And then have the audacity to turn around and blame their husbands for their own insecurities. Barry and Ethan are steadfast, unwavering in their beliefs. The women are wishy-washy and really don’t know who they are. I can’t be more proud of Ethan for remaining true to himself, standing by his conviction and choosing not to bring children into this world with a woman who no longer shares the same beliefs. For poor Barry though, it’s too late. I think Kim, who apparently never cared for Olivia was secretly jealous of her new found worldliness and decided to pursue some of that herself.

  7. She has lost her mind. I guess that is what lust does to you. She needs to leave the kids with Barry and pay him child support, pay his legal fees. What a horrible person she is. Seriously!!!!!!

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