‘Jeopardy!’ Drew Basile Explains His Day 8 Loss

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Drew Basile watched his reign as the Jeopardy! champion end after seven days. While this locked in his spot for the Tournament of Champions later this year, his run ended on his eighth day when he lost and struggled through his final day on the show.

Here is what Drew said went wrong on his final day on Jeopardy! and why he struggled.

Drew Basile Talks Fatigue Of Long Jeopardy! Winning Streak

Drew Basile won seven games on Jeopardy!, which locked up his spot on the Tournament of Champions. However, he looked very different during his performance on his last day of action when he lost on Friday. Here is what happened with Drew on his final day.

Drew Basile - Jeopardy!
Drew Basile – Jeopardy!

On Friday, Drew defended his seven-day run ($129,601) against Cat Pisacano, a nurse from New York, New York, and Andrew Fox, a clinical psychologist from Robbinsdale, Minnesota. Drew struggled from the start and had -$1,400 heading into Double Jeopardy!, while Cat had $3,400.

Drew then somehow managed to miss all three Doubles in the next round, but he still pulled out and took the lead, $9,600 to Cat’s $5,800. Then, Drew froze up in Final Jeopardy!.

“In her autobiography she tells of a rather ‘singular coincidence,’ that one of her Swiss ancestors was a teacher of the deaf.”

Cat and Andrew got it right, while Drew missed it. Helen Keller was the answer. Drew lost with only $1,201 for the game, and Cat won with $11,500. After the game, Drew spoke about his loss and said he was disappointed with himself because he knew the answer but couldn’t pull the name to his mind.

Drew Basile Talks Jeopardy! Loss

Drew Basile talked about his loss after his final Jeopardy! appearance. He said, “The run has come to an end, so it’s a little bit less exciting now” (via Entertainment Weekly).


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“I get to play again, so already I’ve taken the loss in stride. I’m excited to be back there on the Alex Trebek stage sometime in the near future,” Drew said after leaving the show. However, when it comes to his loss on the last episode by missing the final question, he had an explanation.

“I knew it was Helen Keller, and I was so exhausted I couldn’t remember the name,” Drew said. “I knew I got it wrong. I was just so tired, for the life of me I couldn’t remember Helen Keller’s name. That comes down to a little bit of youth.”

He said he hopes that with more experience, he will do better on the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions.

What did you think of Drew Basile’s Jeopardy! run? Did it look like he was wearing down by the end of his eighth day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I am so happy he lost. I had already decided not to watch him again. His smugness, arrogance, and lack of common courtesy were so tiresome. He has jerk written all over him.

    1. I totally agree with you. I didn’t like him when he competed on Survivor, and I liked him even less on Jeopardy. His arrogance beat him on both shows.

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