‘Deadliest Catch’ Jake Anderson’s Devastating F/V Saga Loss

Jake Anderson - Deadliest catch - Discovery Channel

Jake Anderson nearly lost F/V Saga in Deadliest Catch in 2021 during bad weather. But this year, Discovery Channel fans heard that he really did lose her. Only, not to the sea. Recently, he opened up about how devastating it was. Fortunately, Sig Hansen helped with work and now he’s got another boat.

Jake Anderson Started Out On The Northwestern

As a learner crabbing fisherman in the Bering Sea, Jake worked on the Northwestern. And, in Season 20, Discovery Channel previews showed him working on it again. He’d started as a skateboarder, did some fishing, and had some addiction problems. However, he ended up managing a multi-million dollar crabbing company. Unfortunately, he lost his vessel and it wasn’t his fault.

FV Saga From Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel is For Sale - YouTube
FV Saga From Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel is For Sale – YouTube

Jake Anderson invested a lot of money, including his kids’ college funds to part-own the Saga with Lenny Hertzog. At one stage, when the boat disappeared from Deadliest Catch, fans thought it had sunk. Well, it hadn’t, but it nearly sunk Jake’s career.

Jake Anderson
Jake Anderson -Discovery Channel

Allegedly, Lenny did something wrong and fans suspect it might have been related to the IRS. So, it was a shock when Jake found “a lock and repossession note” on the vessel, per TV Insider.

Devastating News About F/V Saga On Deadliest Catch

The outlet cited Jake as not revealing the legal issues for Lenny, and he didn’t say whether he lost his entire business either. However, the Discovery Channel captain did open up on how devasting it was to discover he was wiped out in a single day. Although he’s not helming Saga, he is on F/V Titan Explorer. But, whether he owns any part of it or not is unknown.

FV Titan Explorer - Fierce Lion Vlogs - YouTube
FV Titan Explorer – Fierce Lion Vlogs – YouTube

Jake Anderson described how the crabbing season was due to start, and all was well in his life. But then, his world crumbled. The Deadliest Catch star explained how he felt when he found out his boat was gone:

Just before I was getting to go red crab fishing, I found out my partner, with all due respect with the legal things going on, we don’t know what he did. I lost my boat. I went from having the most King Crab to catch and having a nice platform. I built it with my own two hands to losing it all over a weekend.

Sig Hansen Reached Out

Accepting a job under his old boss, Sig Hansen, couldn’t have been easy. But Jake Anderson seems very grateful that he gave him a helping hand. He said, “Of course, Sig is going to reach out because we are close. As fishermen and fisherwomen, the camaraderie is something special. It’s a very honorable profession…”

What are your thoughts about how devastated Jake Anderson must have been when he found that note on F/V Saga? Are you glad that Captain Sig Hansen reached out a helping hand? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Deadliest Catch news.

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