‘General Hospital’ Ava Jerome Finally Pays For Connie’s Murder?

Maura West as Ava Jerome/Credit: 'General Hospital' YouTube

There have been a lot of cast changes at General Hospital after the head writers were fired in early 2024. With several fan favorites leaving, fans are convinced that the end is near for Ava Jerome. Could she be about to pay for murdering Connie?

Another Shocking General Hospital Exit

General Hospital lost another longtime cast member last week when Michael Easton filmed his final episodes at Hamilton Finn. The shocking exit came just months after soap vet Roger Howarth confirmed he was leaving the show. His character was killed off but finding his killer seems to have taken a backseat for other storylines.

Daytime soap fans do have something to look forward to. Jonathan Jackson is returning as Lucky Spencer later this summer. Bryan Craig is also reprising his role as Morgan Corinthos for one episode, which possibly has connections to Ava.

Maura West as Ava Jerome/Credit: 'General Hospital' YouTube
Maura West as Ava Jerome/Credit: ‘General Hospital’ YouTube

Ava Jerome’s Dark Past Catches Up With Her

While Ava Jerome didn’t directly kill Morgan Corinthos, she set in motion the actions that led to his death. The character died in a car bomb in 2016. He returned two years later to haunt Ava in her dream.

The details of Bryan Craig’s return aren’t clear yet, but fans assume he will appear to his father Sonny in a dream or drug-fueled hallucination. Valentin Cassadine has been messing with Sonny’s bipolar meds, causing him to lash out in violent ways.

Ava knows something is up with Sonny’s pills, but is keeping the news to herself for the time being. The two share a daughter, Avery, and were playing house until recently when Sonny threw Ava out.

Finally Pays For Connie’s Murder?

As Sonny and Ava go head-to-head for custody of their daughter, he has a secret hanging over her head. He knows that she killed Connie Falconeri.

Unlike Morgan’s death, Connie’s demise was intentional. Ava shot and killed her to keep her from telling everyone that Derek Wells was actually Ava’s brother, Julian Jerome.

Sonny reminded her of the leverage he has when he was raging at her for having Alexis disbarred.

“You killed Connie. Maybe I should sign an affidavit against you!”

Ava isn’t one to take being threatened lightly. But fans are still worried that the character might soon exit the canvas, either through death or prison if Sonny goes through with his threat.

In a recent interview, Maura West admitted that Ava has been going through “a lot” lately but remained mum about her future on the show.

Do you think General Hospital is setting up Ava Jerome’s death? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I think she’s going to finally be killed off the show. She was never prosecuted for Connie‘s murder because Paul Hornsby had her confession and then it just mysteriously disappeared and then Sonny went after AJ Quartermaine accusing him of killing her knowing it was Ava who set him, so would be surprising if Sunny ends up going on threat to finally finish off Ava after having Alexis disbarred, and then not to mention, she would finally pay for what she did to Morgan as well so who knows what’s gonna happen? I will be very upset or I will be very disappointed if they kill Ava the show because I love her character.

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