‘Today’ Dylan Dreyer Returns To Work With Mysterious Injury

Dylan Dreyer - YouTube/TODAY

Dylan Dreyer returned to New York City and The Today Show with a mysterious injury. Clips of the meteorologist with a brace on her hand have fans concerned about her and wondering, “What happened to Dylan?” Continue reading to see what she has revealed about the injury and what happened.

Dylan Dreyer Returns To NYC After Royal Ascot Event

This is the first week Dylan has returned to Today after contributing to the NBC Sports coverage of the Royal Ascot event. She traveled across the pond to cover various moments, including the Ascot Stakes horse race.

Now that she’s back in New York, Dylan Dreyer has fully returned to work. Of course, that means she’s picked back up her regular hosting duties on Today. She also made a full return to her co-hosting role on the “Off The Rails” podcast.

The Today meteorologist shared a clip on Instagram teasing the latest episode of “Off The Rails.” She and Sheinelle Jones can be seen shaking themselves off.

Dylan Dreyer - YouTube/TODAY

At the beginning of the video, Dylan said, “My palms are sweating.” She appeared to be nervous about what they discussed on the podcast. However, Sheinelle told viewers that they needed to “trust her” and tune in to the latest episode.

“This is all Sheinelle. I’m just an innocent bystander,” Dylan Dreyer said in the clip. As she laughed, she held up her hand, which sported a brace that went all the way around her thumb.

“Shake out the dirtiness! Shake it out!” Sheinelle Jones said. The two women shook themselves off before walking off-camera.

Fans Show Concern For Dylan’s Injured Wrist

The “Off The Rails” episode covered a number of things the two Today stars would and would not do in their lives. This included things like shoplifting, skipping school, and skinny dipping.

Dylan Dreyer did not address her injury, but it was noted when she could not clap her hands at one point during their discussion.

Fans took to the comment section of the teaser video to show their concern for Dylan’s hand.


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“Dylan, what happened to your wrist?” one person asked. Several people liked the comment, indicating that they were wondering what happened too. The Today anchor has yet to respond to the inquiry though.

That being said, Dylan Dreyer has appeared in several segments for Today since returning to NYC. She recently sat down for an interview with singer Gracie Abrams. She wasn’t wearing the brace on her hand during their discussion. Dylan has also appeared in other recent clips without the brace.

So, it may be something superficial or she could be suffering from the occasional carpal tunnel pain. Either way, it seems like Dylan Dreyer is doing just fine.

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