Shocking Reason Rachel Lindsay Says Bryan Is Lying About Income

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo/Credit: ABC YouTube

Bachelorette couple Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are in the middle of a messy divorce. In the latest he-said-she-said court files, she claims he’s lying about his income for a shocking reason. Keep reading for all the details.

Estranged Bachelorette Couple Still Living Together

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo spent most of their four-year marriage as a private couple, despite meeting on reality TV. However, he filed for divorce at the start of 2024 and they have both been blasting their marital issues in very public court documents.

The latest in the ongoing saga sheds light on what they both claim was practically a long-distance relationship despite living together. The Bachelorette star claims that her ex blindsided her by filing for divorce.

Bryan Abasolo/Credit: ABC YouTube
Bryan Abasolo/Credit: ABC YouTube

Fans were surprised to find out a few months ago that the former couple still share a house. Nearly six months after Bryan Abasolo filed to end the marriage, they continue to live together. But Rachel Lindsay claimed in new court documents that her ex refuses to leave the home she says she bought with her pre-marital money.

Furthermore, she alleges that he doesn’t contribute to any of the household bills aside from paying the gardener and half of the costs for housekeeping. Rachel Lindsay continues to fight his attempt to have to her pay his legal fees.

Shocking Reason Rachel Lindsay Says Bryan Is Lying About Income

Bryan Abasolo previously listed his monthly income as $1,600 despite owning his own chiropractor company. Rachel Lindsay refuted that number in the latest court filings. Her ex claimed an annual income of $16,000.

According to PEOPLE magazine, Rachel’s lawyer compared that income to that of a low-wage worker at McDonald’s. She also claimed in the paperwork that her ex has “ability and opportunity to generate income,” but allegedly doesn’t want to.

“Bryan claims to earn so little income that if he worked a 40 hour week and was paid minimum wage in Los Angeles County, he would more than double his reported earnings.”

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo/Credit: Instagram
Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo/Credit: Instagram

Why would he lie about his income? He previously filed papers to receive spousal support from the reality star. In the latest court filings, she claimed that she’s been paying “virtually all of Bryan’s expenses.”

She suggested paying him $10k in spousal support a month is reasonable, but the court has yet to rule on that issue.

Do you agree with Rachel Lindsay that Bryan Abasolo isn’t being honest about his income? Sound off about their divorce in the comments.

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