Nick Viall Shares Thoughts On Daughter Doing ‘Bachelor’ Someday

Nick Viall and daughter River Rose/Credit: Instagram

Nick Viall’s daughter is only a few months old, but he’s already looking toward her future. He shared his thoughts of her joining Bachelor. Keep reading for more details.

Former Bachelor Star Embraces Fatherhood

Nick Viall spent years looking for the love of his life on ABC’s Bachelor franchise. He thought he found it with Vanessa Grimaldi after meeting on the reality show. However, their relationship ended after less than a year.

He began dating Natalie Joy, someone without a background in reality TV, a few years later. The two publicly confirmed their relationship in 2021. The former Bachelor proposed in 2023. A few months later, they announced they were expecting a baby in 2024.

Nick Viall didn’t meet the true love of his life until his daughter River Rose was born in February 2024. He often shares photos of his adorable daughter on social media. In one recent post, he gushed that River Rose gives him a purpose.

Nick Viall, Natalie Joy and their daughter River Rose/Credit: Instagram
Nick Viall, Natalie Joy and their daughter River Rose/Credit: Instagram

Nick Viall Shares Thoughts On Daughter Becoming Reality TV Star Someday

It is incredibly common these days for the offspring of reality stars to become reality stars themselves. In fact, Bravo has a new show coming out that follows a handful of sons and daughters of reality stars as they try to make a name for themselves.

But if Nick Viall has anything to say about it, River Rose will not pursue a career in reality TV when she’s old enough. He recently appeared on SiriusXM Hits 1 LA With Tony Fly and Symon. He shared his thoughts on the possibility of his daughter one day joining The Bachelor or another reality show.

“I hope I do a good enough job parenting that her options supersede reality TV. I hope that she thinks it’s beneath her.”

He added that his job as a father is “done” when River Rose turns 18 but he and Natalie will continue to support her choices.


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How His Bachelor Nation Appearances Will Influence Her

It could be viewed as hypocritical that Nick Viall doesn’t want his daughter on reality TV after that’s how he himself became famous. However, he said that he hopes his time on the ABC dating show will inform her future choices.

“Well, maybe it’ll be like a teaching tool because I imagine that I’ll give her the ick if she watches a couple of the seasons that I was on.”

What do you think of Nick Viall not wanting his daughter to join reality TV? Does it make him a hypocrite or is he right in his wariness? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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