Melissa McCarthy Shocks With Dramatic 75-Lb Weight Loss

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Melissa McCarthy has been working hard to get healthier. She has lost an impressive 75 pounds and appeared this week on a late-night talk show to showcase her new body size. However, what fans saw might not be what they expected because Jimmy Kimmel didn’t interview her. Jiminy Glick did.

Here is a look at McCarthy, the results of her hard work and determination, and what happened in her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.

Melissa McCarthy Loses 75 Pounds

Melissa McCarthy showed up for a scheduled appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. However, Kimmel was on vacation, so McCarthy had to deal with a very different interviewer. This was Jiminy Glick, the offensive alter-ego of comedian Martin Short.

Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy

When McCarthy showed up for the Jimmy Kimmel Live broadcast, she wore a tight black ruched dress and open-toed leather heels. She also showed off her 75-pound weight loss. There have been many rumors that McCarthy, 53, lost weight using Ozympic, a blood sugar prescription diabetes medication that is also known for weight loss.

This all started when Barbara Streisand complimented McCarthy on the weight loss by joking about Ozympic. Instead of fans playing along with the statement, many took it quite literally, and now a lot of people are body-shaming McCarthy by accusing her of using the drug.

“She looked fantastic! I just wanted to pay her a compliment. I forgot the world was reading,” Streisand said after the people began insulting McCarthy. Luckily, it seems McCarthy doesn’t care what online trolls say about her, as she is all smiles and seems happy in her new body.

Melissa McCarthy Appears On Jimmy Kimmel Live! With Jiminy Glick

The Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance with Jiminy Glock was perfectly suited for someone with McCarthy’s comic timing as well.

Jiminy is a character Martin Short created in 2001 for the TV series Primetie Glick. That show ran for three seasons and 30 episodes, with Glock interviewing people and Short never breaking character. He was an obnoxious talk show host who interviewed various celebrities in an incoherent, sometimes offensive manner.

In this interview, Jiminy Glick immediately tried to kiss Melissa McCarthy when she came out, only for her to push him back. He also tried to dry hump her twice on the couch and attempted to grab her breasts and kiss her. It was all, of course, an act, and Melissa was game for the shenanigans.

During the interview, Melissa talked about her weight loss, saying, “I stopped over-analyzing, over-thinking, over-doing anything…I just stopped constantly being worried about [my weight].”

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