Kim Kardashian Shocking 2024 Net Worth

Kim Kardashian-YouTube

What is Kim Kardashian’s shocking 2024 net worth? The mother of four and reality star has achieved so much success in various industries. Yet, everything she touches turns to gold. So, how does that translate into money? Keep reading for more details on how much she has amassed.

Kim Kardashian Shocking 2024 Net Worth

From the beginning, Kim Kardashian meant business and she turned hers into a multi-billion dollar one. She has dominated the shapewear world, skincare, television, and now she is on her way to becoming a lawyer. When her family started Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a lot of the focus was on Kim. Then, the rest of her siblings started to take center stage and grow their brands. Now, there is a huge demand for her on scripted television so she is unstoppable. The one way she likes to spend her money is by taking her four children on lavish vacations.

Kim Kardashian-YouTube
Kim Kardashian-YouTube

She rarely ever says no to them and has admitted that it is easier for her to give in than deal with the tears and crying. It does not hurt that she has her own plane to travel here, there, and everywhere with. So, how much is Kim worth in 2024 to be able to do all of these amazing things? According to In Touch Weekly, she is allegedly estimated to be worth $1.7 billion. Now, this is per Celebrity Net Worth and it is not all that hard to figure out how Kim became a billionaire.


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While filming KUWTK, Kim Kardashian and her siblings supposedly all got paid the same, according to her mother, Kris Jenner:

“Everybody gets paid pretty much equally, ’cause we all film a lot, and we all work hard, and we’ve created this show and this brand for the last decade … everybody’s happy.”

The show lasted twenty seasons on E! and then was rebranded into The Kardashians on Hulu now in its fifth season. Along with TV, she had Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a digital-role-playing game, bringing in $85 million in year one. She also had a fragrance line followed by her aforementioned skincare and shapewear. Kim also has a private equity firm, which she started in 2022.

Other Ventures

Aside from all of this, Kim Kardashian appeared on American Horror Story and was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She has graced a plethora of magazine covers and Ryan Murphy is invested in doing more television shows with her. Admittedly, Kim jumps at every opportunity offered to her and will never rest. That is why she can afford a plane and has such an amazingly high net worth. She works very hard for her money and clearly has earned every penny.

Are you shocked by how much she has or did you expect it to be around that amount? Let us know and watch The Kardashians every Thursday on Hulu.

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