‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Talks Scoring Second-Lowest Finish Ever

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Drew Basile finished his Jeopardy! stint with an impressive seven-day run before finally losing on Friday, June 28. However, along the way, a record was almost broken by one of his competitors. On Monday, Erin Buker was one of the competitors, and she almost broke the record for the lowest score in history.

Here is a look at how Erin did in the game and what she had to say about her futility.

Jeopardy! Contestant Almost Sets All-Time Worst Game

Stay-at-home mother Erin Buker was on Jeopardy! and she finished the game with the second-lowest score in history. Her final total in the game was -$7,200. This put her, obviously, in last place behind Drew ($26,400) and Graham Hicks ($11,000).

Ken Jennings gives Adrianna Harmeyer a hard time. - Jeopardy!
Ken Jennings gives Adrianna Harmeyer a hard time. – Jeopardy!

Erin went into the Double Jeopardy! round with -$400. By the end of that round, she had dropped to -$7,200 and was eliminated from Final Jeopardy! The runner-up, Graham, took to Reddit and spoke highly of Erin, writing, “Huge respect to Erin, that’s a tough situation to be in and a lot of people would have let it knock them down. Instead she dug in and kept swinging like a tough competitor should.”

The good news is that she is taking the entire situation rather well. Erin also took to Reddit in the same thread to talk about her game.

“When it came to the buzzer, I was my own worst enemy, frequently buzzing in midway through the clue as if my thumb had a mind of its own,” Erin wrote. “There’s something uniquely frustrating about knowing answers, but not having the wherewithall to ring in at the appropriate time to answer them. That was my defecit and I own it entirely.”

She said it was a “great experience” and that she enjoyed playing the game.

Who Holds Previous All-Time Jeopardy! Low Record?

The person who holds the record for the worst Jeopardy! game in history is Patrick Pearce, who finished his game in 2021 with -$7,400.

Patrick Pearce, a product specialist from Fountain Valley, Calif., broke the record of -$6,800 (from March 2015), which means Erin’s is the second-lowest finish. For Patrick, he finished the regular round with $200 but then dug himself into the hole in Double Jeopardy! and couldn’t recover. This was the first episode LeVar Burton guest hosted.

What are your thoughts on Erin Buker’s low finish on Jeopardy! and her almost record-breaking performance? Is it nice to see her taking it so well? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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