Is Elton John Making A Comeback, Going Back on Tour?

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Elton John has spoken out about whether or not he’d ever consider going back on tour. The I’m Still Standing singer ended his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour in Sweden last year. Many fans are wondering if that is the last they’ll see of the beloved musician on stage. Here is what he and his husband, David Furnish, had to say about it.

It’s Been A Year Since Elton John Wrapped Up His Tour

He recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss what’s been going on in his life recently and whether or not he would be going on tour again in the future. During his final performance during his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, he told the crowd that his career had been “52 years of pure joy.”

His husband David Furnish commemorated the last show of the tour on Instagram. He wrote, “And off he goes…. One final trip down the Yellow Brick Road 330 shows under his belt Finally off the road and into the sunset.” The tour kicked off on September 10, 2018, and ended in July 2023. During that time, Elton John got to play for 6.25 million fans across the globe.

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That being said, when ET asked him if he would be returning to the stage any time soon, he simply said, “No.”

It’s official. Elton John has confirmed that he won’t be returning to the stage on tour. At this point in his life, the musician says that he’d like to focus on his children and family. More importantly, he’d like to be present for his kid’s formative years.

What’s Next For Elton John?

“We’ve got our sons, you know, they’re getting into their teenage years now,” David Furnish said. “We don’t want to miss anything. We want to be present for that. It’s sort of a key decade, I think, in a child’s life.”

The pair share two sons, Zachary Jackson, 13, and Elijah Joseph, 11.


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David added that it’s been nice to have his famous hubby home. “He’s been doing it for 60 years,” David said. “So it’s nice to have that time to spend at home with family.”

Although Elton John won’t be returning to the road on tour, he isn’t retiring just yet. He is still working on several projects. The Tiny Dancer singer is working on the West End’s musical adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada. Vanessa Williams is starring in the production as the Runway magazine editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly.

The musical will feature a score written by Elton John. It is expected to premiere at London’s Dominion Theatre in October 2024.

He is also working on music for Tammy Faye, a biographic stage musical based on the life of Tammy Faye Messner. It will make its debut on Broadway on November 14.

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