‘Bachelorette’ Why Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Aboslo Were Doomed To Fail

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At the beginning of 2024, Bachelorette viewers felt that the marriage between Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Aboslo was always doomed to fail. As more comes to light, it seems that the ABC couple ended up with a bare-bones relationship and an unglamorous life. Read on to find out what Linsday is saying in court documents.

Rachel Lindsay Opened Up On Her Marriage

In early June, the former Bachelorette talked about how her marriage to Bryan Abasolo wasn’t always bad. With an emphasis on success, she claimed that it wasn’t awful at times. While it ended badly, she seemed a bit concerned that ABC viewers might think poorly of her. However, since the news about the divorce, it became evident that they spent very little time together.

Bryan Abasolo and Rachel Lindsay/Credit: Bryan Abasolo Instagram
Bryan Abasolo and Rachel Lindsay – Credit: Bryan Abasolo Instagram

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan bicker over finances and that’s what seems to make the divorce so messy. While the former Bachelorette wanted a prenup, Bryan didn’t. As they couldn’t agree, they decided against getting one. In retrospect, that seems to have been a mistake. This week, she revealed that they seldom spent time together, and they kept their spending separate.

Bryan Abasolo Was In A Bare-Bones Marriage?

US Weekly reported that the ABC star filed papers for the divorce and confirmed that they “rarely saw each other or even lived together.” Of course, that probably didn’t help their love to grow very much. The Bachelorette lead also revealed that the ABC couple “rarely went out together and did not even go on monthly dates.”

bryan abasolo with rachel lindsay
Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo before the divorce – Instagram

Rachel Lindsay juggled high-profile jobs and she seemed to be busy all the time. So was her chiropractor husband. Certainly, it seems as if there wasn’t much time to work on their relationship.

Separate Expenses

Bryan Abasolo not only wants spousal support, but he also wants Lindsay to pay for his legal expenses. He claimed that she kept the money they earned communally. Here is the messy bit. She denies that. According to the documents, each of them earned and spent their own cash. And, that extended to “travel.” If they went somewhere together they each paid their own money. As for glamour and wealth, she added:

I am not flush with cash, as he believes me to be. And, I certainly cannot pay his attorney $75,000 to litigate our uncomplicated divorce. If I did so, I would not have sufficient funds remaining to pay my own counsel.

What are your thoughts on the marriage of Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo? Do you agree that it sounded like a bare-bones relationship? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Bachelorette news.

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