‘WCTH’ Alum Mamie Laverock’s Mom Updates Hearties On Her Road To Recovery

WCTH Mamie Laverock-YouTube

There is a new updated on WCTH alum Mamie Laverock. She portrayed Rosalyn Sullivan on When Calls The Heart. Her mother has recently shared an updated on the Hallmark actress. She has revealed new information on Mamie’s injuries. In addition, she has shared information on how long this recovery will take.

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Mamie Laverock | YouTube
Mamie Laverock | YouTube

Mamie Laverock Updates WCTH Fans On Star’s Injuries

Hearties have been concerned about WCTH alum Mamie Laverock since her horrific five-floor fall at a Vancouver hospital. This happened back in late May. Now, one month later, there is an update on the 19-year-old actress. On Mamie Laverock’s official Facebook page, her mother Nicole Rockmann posted a message for fans. She gave an update on her daughter’s injuries. In addition, she shared how long she will need to recover from this unimaginable injury.

Thank you for your healing messages for Mamie. Mamie survived her injuries, however her road to recovery will be long. I will be setting up a mailbox for all of your cards and well wishes shortly. Warmth, Nicole.

Fans of the Hallmark star will soon have a dedicated address where fans can mail cards and notes.


WCTH Mamie Laverock - YouTube
WCTH Mamie Laverock – YouTube

Mamie Laverock Was First Hospitalized In May

The timeline of WCTH alum Mamie Laverock’s injuries may still be confusing to Hearties. According to the family’s GoFundMe for Mamie, she experienced a “medical emergency” while in Winnipeg on May 11. They set up the crowdfunding page to help bring her to a hospital in Vancouver.

However, tragedy struck on May 26. After she received “intensive treatment for two weeks,” she was “escorted out of a secure unit of the hospital and taken up to a balcony walkway from which she fell five stories.” After this, everything escalated. She survived the fall, but the young actress was put on life support. While she started to get better, but, she was in “tremendous pain.”

The family shared that “Her body has been shattered. She has undergone two 11-hour surgeries with two doctors working on her, a three-hour surgery and another surgery today. We have nothing but gratitude for the doctors and nurses who have been exemplary in her care since May 26.”

Mamie had been moved to a different Vancouver hospital to receive this specialized care. But, as time has gone on, they report that “Mamie is ‘doing well’ comparatively to when she arrived.” Yet, she “continues to not give up.”

The family has kept things in perspective. “We can only hold onto the miracles of each day and continue to thank everyone for their prayers and marvel at the miracles of her story. Our daughter loves her life and loves her family and is fighting hard everyday. ”

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