‘Unexpected’ Kayleigh & Graham Still Together?

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Are Unexpected newcomers Kayleigh and Graham still together after welcoming their first child? They were just fifteen when the couple found out that they were having their first child together. So, did they make it or did it all fall apart? Keep reading for more details.

Unexpected Kayleigh & Graham Still Together?

Season 6 of Unexpected features two returning faces, Jenna Ronan and Lilly Bennett. Jenna is moving to Myrtle Beach with her son, Luca, and best friend, Dalanie. Plus, Jenna has a new man, JJ Della so things are going well for her. Lilly and Lawrence are trying to rush down the aisle but he is not on board with the amount of money it will cost. Emalee and Nate met and within two months, found out they were pregnant. She is 18 and he is 16 but they are doing the best that they can to try to make their young romance work. Aniyah and Dakwon are both seventeen but they believe that this is forever.

Lilly Bennett-Unexpected-Instagram
Lilly Bennett-Instagram

It may or may not be but they are excited for this next chapter. Finally, the youngest of the couples is Kayleigh and Graham. They are just fifteen and Kayleigh is a tad spoiled. She got a brand-new car when she got her permit and is not letting pregnancy bring her down. However, Graham lived about a half hour away so that was a struggle. The show started filming at the end of 2022 so a lot of time has gone by. They welcomed a son, Easton, and had been together since 2019 so this was not a short-term relationship.


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Recently, Kayleigh headed to TikTok to share a quick update. It was picked up by @thetlcunexpected and in the clip, Kayleigh looks amazing. Her hair is long with blonde highlights. Above her, it says: “you can unadd me but you can’t change we have a kid.” Now, she does have the letter “G” around her neck so this may just be a video all in good fun to keep viewers guessing.

Suspicious Behavior

After seeing this from the Unexpected star, fans weighed in on what they thought had gone down. Some were not surprised that Kayleigh and Graham had parted ways:

  • Who’s shocked ??? I saw it coming from the first episode lmao
  • And they didn’t live close to each other. I hope he doesn’t forget about his kid !!! But in the first episode I knew he didn’t want that baby.
  • Her BD didn’t seem too interested from the start tho😶

However, the twist of it all is that they are actually still together. Apparently, Kayleigh made a joke, adding: “jk not us” in her caption. So, she made a clickbait video to get fans invested just to punk them in the end. This makes sense as to why she has Graham’s initial around her neck.

Are you surprised they are still together? Let us know and watch Unexpected Mondays on TLC.

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