‘The View’ Fans Worry As Sarah Hines Appears To Pass Out

Sara Haines on The View | YouTube

Sara Haines was on The View this week and did something that concerned some fans. Usually, Sara is the voice that keeps the show moving, even when Whoopi Goldberg seems she would rather be talking about anything else. However, she did something this week that had fans commenting on her well-being.

Here is what Sara did and how fans reacted to the moment.

Sara Haines Disturbs Some The View Fans

The View started a new topic on the show this week where she was talking about a spouse secretly medicating her husband. This came from a The New York Times column, where a woman wrote in and revealed this predicament, and then she asked if she should tell the woman’s husband what his wife was doing.

Sara Haines - YouTube/The View
Sara Haines | YouTube/The View

When the panel heard Whoopi Goldberg read that the wife had a husband who is a war veteran who is “manic” and won’t take his meds. Her friend who wrote into the column said the wife was slipping some Melatonin into her husband’s water bottle to help calm him down.

This caused more than one member of the panel to show shock at the entire situation. Alyssa Farah Griffin immediately said this made no sense because that is not what Melatonin does. Sara Haines then flopped her head back like she was going to sleep and laughed about it.

Sara Hines

The Sara joke was easy to recognize for anyone who knows what Melatonin is. That is a natural supplement that helps people sleep at night, helping to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. The wife was giving her husband vitamins that help him sleep to keep him calm at work, and Sara showed what it would really do. It was a sly joke and a humorous moment for Sara.

However, many fans didn’t understand.

Fans Think Something Is Wrong With Sara Haines

When Sara Haines made her little joke by showing what Melatonin is actually used for, many people showed concern. They thought she was “flopping over” and acting “manically” because they likely had no idea what Melatonin is and why she thought this was funny.

Sara likes to lighten the mood on the show, which is much appreciated. However, some viewers need a little more hand-holding than others in such moments. Here are some of the comments from fans (via Reddit):

  • “Some days she’s extra rambling and almost manic. Taking over the conversation, hands flapping wildly, point nowhere to be seen.”
  • “Idk she seems like she might be going through a rough time right now. I hope she’s okay.”
  • “Sometimes I feel there are episodes where she has no airtime and gets paid to sit up there.”

What are your thoughts on this moment on The View? Do you think Sara Haines was acting “manically,” or did you just think she was making a silly joke? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Sara, is always extra. I like her but she and Joy will take over a conversation. What really bugs me is when they all talk at one time! I love the show , never miss an episode. TaTa for now

  2. She is the one with all the answers…..She’s the brains at the table ( well she thinks she is ) 😄

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