The Truth Behind Michael Jackson Castration Rumors

Michael Jackson

The 15th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death passed this week. Family members and fans took to social media to remember the pop icon. As more buzz around the late artist surges on the internet, rumors about MJ have started to circulate about his upbringing. Was Michael Jackson castrated as a child? Here is the truth about the rumors going around.

Was Michael Jackson Chemically Castrated?

Despite being dead for 15 years, Michael Jackson is still a hot topic of conversation today. After his death, a multi-part docuseries aired that accused Michael of assaulting multiple minors. Now, another persistent rumor has come up about the abuse MJ himself may have faced as a child.

There is no doubt that Joe Jackson was hard on his kids. However, there has been a rumor going around for years that Michael Jackson’s father chemically castrated him. This rumor started because people believed that MJ’s voice was unnaturally high.

Jackson 5 - YouTube/OWN

While there is no doubt that Joe inflicted other kinds of abuse on Michael, there are several reasons that MJ being chemically castrated is unlikely.

Castration Rumors Should Be Put To Rest

One of the key reasons this probably isn’t the case is that Michael Jackson was able to grow facial hair. Even though he did have a high, even feminine, voice, his ability to grow facial hair is a sign of testosterone in the body. Chemical castration completely removes the creation of testosterone. So, if he was chemically castrated he wouldn’t have been able to grow hair on his face.

It should also be mentioned that Michael was not the only member of the Jackson family with a high-pitched voice. Everyone in the family had a similar vocal range.

Michael Jackson - YouTube, OWN

The real indicator that the castration claims are rumors is the late star’s autopsy. It was found that Michael Jackson had the normal testes of an adult man. Additionally, the autopsy found that Michel’s body went through puberty, which would not have happened if he had been chemically castrated.

Of course, being such a massive superstar in his life, people have been, and continue to be, fascinated with MJ. Although his voice was out of this world, it doesn’t appear to be a result of anything his father did to him. So, hopefully, the rumors can finally be put to rest after all these years.

Lionsgate recently purchased the rights to Michael Jackson’s life story. A biopic called “Michael” is currently in post-production and is expected to hit theaters in April 2025. It will star Michael’s nephew Jaafar Jackson and document the late pop icon’s life from his early days in the “Jackson 5” up until his death.

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