‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Explores Mackenzie McKee’s Fertility

Mackenzie McKee - Teen Mom - YouTube

Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee already talked to her fans about expanding her family with Khesanio Hall. However, the new season of The Next Chapter goes into more detail about her fertility issues. About 10 days ago, she revealed that she underwent egg retrieval and they were able to get fifteen out successfully. Read on to find out more about how doctors planned her new parenting journey.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Mackenzie McKee’s Fertility

Josh McKee and Mackenzie had kids, and their three children, Broncs, 7, Jaxie, 10, and Gannon, 12, arrived without a problem. However, since then, the MTV star had her tubes tied. So, wanting a child with her new fiance, Khesanio Hall brought some challenges. As a diabetic, she also worried that she might run into fertility issues with that as well.

Mackenzie McKee , Khesanio Hall - Teen Mom YouTube
Mackenzie McKee, Khesanio Hall – Teen Mom YouTube

Pregnancy and engagement rumors started earlier this year, and Mackenzie McKee confirmed that both momentous events happened. However, the MTV show airs respectively. While it sounded like spoilers, it’s of interest that Teen Mom: The Next Chapter digs deeper into her problems.

Medical Expertise Helps With Another Baby

On June 27, MTV dropped a teaser for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. In it, McKee and Khesanio Hall went to see a doctor. Suggesting that surgery could assess what her tubes look like, the doctor told the couple that there was a chance of falling pregnant again. That would depend on “reversal surgery” success. But, it’s not a huge likelihood at “a 15 to 20% success rate.”

Teen Mom The Next Chapter - Fertility Doctor - MTV YouTube
Teen Mom The Next Chapter – Fertility Doctor – MTV YouTube

The MTV star seemed shattered, as she hadn’t realized the chance of success after the reversal was so low. Next, Mackenzie McKee asked about other options. They included in vitro fertilization,( IVF.) The doctor told the Teen Mom star that it came with a success rate of “65 to 70%.” Furthermore, there’s no need for surgery because eggs are in the ovaries and they can be implanted in the uterus.

Audience Interest Should Be High

Diabetes and fertility issues should also attract an audience. Millions of people suffer from diabetes and plenty of people with fertility issues want to hear more about it. So, the upcoming episode might attract a lot of attention. Regarding the diabetes, the doctor told the couple:

The only thing that we require for getting pregnant with type 1, diabetes is having that A1C number at a 6.5. We are very strict on where we’re at with that number in terms of getting you pregnant.

As McKenzie already told her fans that she underwent egg retrieval surgery, her count must have been correct for the next part of the journey to have another baby.

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