‘Survivor 50’: Who Is Returning For All-Star Season?

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The cast for Survivor 50 has not yet been released, but is in the works. This comes as the popular reality competition series is currently working on Survivor 47. While there is still three seasons to air before the 50th, the big thing about the anniversary season is that it will be the first all-stars season of the New Era.

Here is who all could return to compete on Survivor 50.

Jeff Probst Hints At Survivor 50 All-Star Cast Possibilities

The cast of competitors for Survivor 50 has yet to be released, although it could include some very big names for the show’s anniversary season. While this is the first all-star season of the so-called New Era, there could be a few names from even older seasons who will return to win the anniversary season title.

Sandra Diaz-Twine in 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains'
Sandra Diaz-Twine in ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’

When talking to TV Insider, Survivor 50 host and producer Jeff Probst hinted at who could be back for the all-star anniversary season. “We’re just starting to think about it because we’ve got a year,” he said. “So, I’m open to any player who has ever played because there’s a story for everybody.”

He even hinted that Survivor 46 runner-up Q Burdette could get an invite to return for the anniversary edition of the series. However, this still opens the door for a lot of players to return for the all-star season, from former champions to people that fans just enjoyed to see play the game.

Who Could Return For Survivor 50?

There are plenty of people from the New Era and even before that who could be prefect additions to the cast of the show’s anniversary edition. One of the possibilities is a person who is becoming very famous right now outside of Survivor.

Drew Basile - Survivor
Drew Basile – Survivor

Drew Basile is a seven-day Jeopardy! champion right now and has locked in his spot for this year’s Tournament of Champions already. While on Survivor 45, Drew was very polarizing as many considered him a “know-it-all.” Of course, as Jeopardy! proves, he might deserve that title. Both Drew and his ally from his season, Austin Li Coon could return.

Past champions are also a possibility. Sandra Diaz-Twine is called The Queen of Survivor and it seems any all-star season would be remiss not to invite her back. She won twice (the first in history to do so) in Seasons 7 and 20.

Speaking of former champions, Boston Rob Mariano has already hinted he could return, and the show could bring in his wife Amber Mariano as well. Amber won in Season 8 and they competed together in the last all-stars season (Season 40). Rob has played in six seasons, winning once. Amber has played in three.

Who do you want to see return for Survivor 50? Are there any past champions of fan favorites who you want to see win it all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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