Sharon Osbourne Has Fans Worried About Ozzy’s Health

Sharon Osbourne | YouTube

Sharon Osbourne posted a video this week on X, and fans are not worried about her husband, Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon announced that she had to cancel a festival appearance and then hinted that Ozzy was having health issues, worrying fans about the condition of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer.

Here is what Sharon said that has fans worrying about Ozzy.

Sharon Osbourne Cancels Festival Appearance

Sharon Osbourne, 71, apologized to fans in a post on X for canceling a festival appearance scheduled for two weeks from now. She promised that refunds would be issued to ticket holders.

Ozzy and Sharon Osborne / YouTube
Ozzy and Sharon Osborne / YouTube

They were booked for the Mad Monster Party in Phoenix, Arizona. This is a horror and sci-fi convention where the Osbournes meet-and-greet package was being sold for $666. According to Sharon, Ozzy, 75, was advised not to fly, so she and daughter Kelly, 39, pulled out. Jack Osbourne, 38, will still attend the convention.

“Regretfully, the Osbourne family have to cancel our upcoming appearance at the Mad Monster Party in Phoenix because Ozzy is unable to travel at this time,” Sharon said in the video. “We would like to thank you all for your constant support with Ozzy. It means so much to him, you have no idea.”

Sharon seemed really down while making the video and it has fans worried about Ozzy.

Is Ozzy Osbourne Sick?

Ozzy Osbourne has Parkinson’s disease, receiving the diagnosis in 2019 and letting the public know in 2020. This has caused several medical issues, including nerve pain, depression, and blood clots.

Last year, Ozzy underwent a series of surgeries after falling from a toilet in 2019, which dislodged metal rods in his back. The rods were from a quad bike crash in 2003 that almost killed him. He did say after the last surgeries that he can’t travel yet. After the fourth surgery, Ozzy said there would be no more.

It is unclear if his inability to fly is the cause of these constant body problems with moving around or if he is ill with another sickness. Fans wished Sharon and Ozzy the best in the comments on X.

  • “Ozzy is what matters. I know some folks might be upset, but things happen. We’re behind you all the way, Ozzy”
  • Do whatever you and your family needs to do to protect @OzzyOsbourne life and health. As well as the rest of the family. That is indeed the most important thing to do”
  • “All that matters is Ozzy’s well being. We love you Ozzy!!”

What are your thoughts on Sharon Osbourne’s video about Ozzy? Are fans right to be worried about the rock and roll legend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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