‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Patti Stanger Talks Ozempic Weight Loss

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Patti Stanger has opened up about her recent weight loss. The Millionaire Matchmaker host showed off a much slimmer figure at a recent event, and many people were wondering how she did it. Continue reading to see what she revealed.

Fans Stunned By Patti Stanger’s Weight Loss

Fans were stunned when Patti Stanger made an appearance on the red carpet recently. She appeared to have lost at least 30 pounds and looked absolutely amazing at the event.

In February 2023, Patti Stanger opened up about her weight loss journey. She admitted that she had tried some of the popular weight loss drugs. The Millionaire Matchmaker host said that she tried Ozempic at one point, but switched to Mounjaro.

Stanger talked about it on the “Behind The Velvet Rope” podcast. She shared that she was “on the shot,” referring to the controversial use of medications that have been approved by the FDA to treat Type 2 diabetes. The drugs’ main side effect is substantial weight loss.

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“I’m gonna tell you the truth. I went on semaglutide, which is the ingredient in Ozempic,” she said on the podcast. “I got the worst acid reflux and I was not feeling good. So, I stopped three weeks in.”

The television host added, “I’m not diabetic, but I do take a sugar pill twice a day to keep my sugar down.” Then, she said after trying Ozempic for a few weeks, her doctor recommended something else.

“She said, ‘I’ll give you the vial of Tirzepatide,’ which is the ingredient.” Patti Stanger continued, “I am not nauseous like everybody else.”

Beverly Hills Doctors Weighs In On The Transformation

Dr. Robert Dorfman chimed in on Stanger’s weight loss. Although the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon has not treated her himself, he gave his professional opinion on her recent weight loss and her transformation over the last several years.

“Patti looks great and very healthy. It looks like she has dropped a good 30 pounds,” Dr. Dorfman told Radar Online. He also said that many people who start using Ozempic have to make the switch to Mounjaro due to the side effects.

“More and more people change from Semaglutide to Tirzepatide, as Ozempic uses Semaglutide as the active ingredient which mimics the effects of GLP-1 while Mounjaro’s active ingredient, Tirzepatide, mimics the effects of both GLP-1 and GPI,” he shared.


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However, individuals using the drugs for weight loss also have to adhere to a good diet and exercise plan to maintain their weight. There can also be bad side effects like “Ozempic face,” which can make you appear to have sunken eyes and saggy skin.

Dr. Dorfman noted that Patti Stanger has done a “great job avoiding ‘Ozempic face.'” He said this is because she has been getting filler in the areas where her skin has started to sag or sink in.

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