Michael Easton’s Heartbreaking Final Goodbye With ‘GH’ Co-Star

Michael Easton/Credit: 'GH' YouTube

General Hospital star Michael Easton said goodbye to the soap, but his final farewell with a co-star was especially heartbreaking. Keep reading for all the details.

Hamilton Finn Leaves Port Charles

On Thursday, June 26, General Hospital star Michael Easton revealed via social media that he was leaving the soap after over a decade. Unfortunately, fans didn’t really get a chance to say goodbye as his final airdate was the very next day, June 27.

Michael Easton/Credit: 'GH' YouTube
Michael Easton/Credit: ‘GH’ YouTube

Hamilton Finn left town to enter a rehabilitation clinic after relapsing. Fans aren’t happy about the unceremonious exit of the long-time star. They find it particularly insulting that the character would leave behind his young daughter, Violent, played by Jophielle Love.

One GH fan took to Reddit to wonder how the soap plans to explain Finn’s absence in three months since Michael Easton definitely isn’t returning to the show anytime soon.

Michael Easton’s exit reminds fans of Roger Howarth’s surprise firing a few months ago. GH fans do have something to look forward to when Jonathan Jackson returns as Lucky Spencer later this summer.

Michael Easton Shares Heartbreaking Final Goodbye With GH Co-Star

Leaving a job is never easy, even in the soap opera world, where characters come and go easily. Michael Easton took to social media to open up about the hardest goodbye.

Michael Easton and Jophielle Love/Credit: 'GH' YouTube
Michael Easton and Jophielle Love/Credit: ‘GH’ YouTube

Of course, he will likely miss all of his co-stars, but one has a special place in his heart. The young actress who plays his daughter on the ABC soap.

Michael Easton shared some of his final scenes with Jophielle Love when Finn said goodbye to Violet. The soap vet posted photos and video clips on social media of the close relationship he developed with his on-screen daughter.

“This is the hardest goodbye of all for me. The first picture was taken right after Violet and Finn’s last goodbye,” the actor wrote alongside a photo embracing the young girl. After the Violet/Finn goodbye scene wrapped, he revealed they immediately found each other and “hung on like we didn’t want it to end.”


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He also shared some words of wisdom with the young star. “Jophielle you are pure magic and you are going to do amazing things in this life. Go forward with rainbows in your heart and know that I will never forget you.”

General Hospital fans flooded the comment section, revealing that they were sobbing in the heartbreaking scenes along with Finn and Violet.

What do you think of Hamilton Finn’s exit from Port Charles? Will you miss seeing Michael Easton on your screen? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. The higher ups at GH have no idea what watchers want. They get rid of actors that everyone loves like Michael Easton, Roger Howarth, Michael E. Knight to name a few and bring back ones that nobody cares about like Jonathan Jackson and the guy who plays Jason. And not to name some of the useless characters on the show no one would miss!

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