Jonathan Jackson Reveals Why He Decided To Return To ‘GH’

Jonathan Jackson/Credit: Instagram

Beloved actor Jonathan Jackson is returning to General Hospital as Lucky. He shared why he decided to come back now after nearly a decade. Plus, which former co-star he can’t wait to share scenes with.

Where He’s Been The Last Decade

General Hospital fans first met Jonathan Jackson when he originated the role of Lucky Spencer in 1993. Lucky is the son of legacy characters Luke and Laura (Anthony Geary and Genie Francis.)

The actor was just 10 when he starred next to two of the biggest names in soaps. Viewers watched Lucky grow up and eventually find love with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst.)

But the actor left for the first time in 1999 and was replaced by Greg Vaughan, who played the role until Jackson decided to return in 2009. He left again in 2011 and was quickly cast on ABC”s primetime show Nashville.

Jonathan Jackson in 'Nashville'/Credit: ABC YouTube
Jonathan Jackson in ‘Nashville’/Credit: ABC YouTube

Jonathan Jackson had the opportunity to show off his singing on the show, which was about musicans trying to get their big break in country music.

The actor is actually a singer in real life, too. When he’s not acting, he’s performing with his band Enation. During his break from General Hospital, he focused on his music career.

He did briefly return to GH in 2015.

Jonathan Jackson Reveals Why He Decided To Return To GH

GH executive producer Frank Valentini teased earlier this month that a fan-favorite male actor was returning to the soap. It was revealed shortly after that Bryan Craig is reprising his role of Morgan Corinthos for a one-day appearance this summer. But it turned out that Craig wasn’t the actor the EP was talking about.

Jonathan Jackson/Credit: YouTube
Jonathan Jackson/Credit: YouTube

Fans of the soap were floored this week when Jonathan Jackson announced on social media that he is headed back to the ABC soap. He appeared on co-star Steve Burton’s podcast to share more about the decision.

Jackson said that Burton’s return to the soap this year after a three-year absence played a role in his own return. “When Steve came back I was super excited for him and for the show and everything… it just kind of happened organically like that. It just felt like the right time,” he said while revealing that he’d kept in touch with Frank Valentini since his 2015 departure.

Jonathan Jackson also said that he always planned to return to the soap.

Co-Star He Is Most Excited To Work With

He said that working with Genie Francis was another factor in his decision. She wasn’t on the show during his 2009-2011 run.

“Genie wasn’t really there for those couple years […] I got to work with her very briefly in 2015 in those few episodes, but I always thought ‘Man, I would love to be able to really work with her again.'”

He admitted that he hasn’t kept up with the Spencer family happenings in recent years and said he has “a lot” to catch up on. But he’s up for the challenge.

Stay tuned for more information on Jonathan Jackson’s return date and storyline.

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