‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Think Drew Basile’s ‘Sloppy’ Style Will End Streak

Drew Basile - Jeopardy!

Undeniably, many Jeopardy! fans find Survivor alum, Drew Basile, to be obnoxious in his playing style. But after watching him complete his seven-day winning streak, many believe his luck is about to run out. Some fans think his “sloppy” gameplay will soon catch up with him.

Drew Basile Shows His Cards

Although many people who watch both Jeopardy! and Survivor are happy to see Drew Basile competing, not everyone “loves” Drew. Unmistakably, Drew is quick-witted and very confident. While he just completed his seven-day winning streak, not everyone is pleased. Watching his “obnoxious” playing has some fans ready to pack it up. For instance, confidence is a delicate balance that can teeter into arrogance if left unchecked and fans are noticing.

Drew Basile - Jeopardy!
Drew Basile – Jeopardy!

Furthermore, some fans are boycotting the rest of Drew’s run after watching his egotistical manner of playing with “sore winner” syndrome intact. Often he is quick to pump his fists and clap for himself when accepting his wins in front of his opponents. But other people think it will run its course, since Drew may be smart, but he is making some careless mistakes. Undeniably, some fans’ opinions are that it is a matter of time before his “sloppy” style will catch up with him.

He Sneaks By

In Thursday’s episode of Jeopardy!, Drew Basile took the win, but he made some missteps along the way. While Drew hung in there, the start was a little slow. He had $2,600 at the commercial break. But his opponent Jayaker Kolli was leading with $4,600. Jayaker kept the lead with $5,800, after the first round. However, Drew slowly gained ground with $4,200 and Luke Hemphill with $2,600. Following the Double Jeopardy, Drew had a commanding lead with $19,000. While Luke and Jayaker were both at $7,800. In the Final Jeopardy round, they had the category, “Businessmen.”

Drew Basile misses the Final Jeopardy answer. - Jeopardy!
Drew Basile misses the Final Jeopardy answer. – Jeopardy!

Jayaker had the correct answer but didn’t wager anything, staying at $7,800. Unfortunately, Luke and Drew didn’t get “What is Colonel Sanders?” as their answer. Luke wagers $7000 and drops to $800. Drew conservatively wagered $1000 still getting him the win for the day with $18,000. Notably, he didn’t clap or pump his fist, so perhaps he is taking in the constructive criticism from fans along his winning journey.

Drew Basile is a seven day winner. - Jeopardy!
Drew Basile is a seven-day winner. – Jeopardy!

Fans Think Drew Basile’s ‘Sloppy’ Style Will End His Streak

Earlier in Drew Basile’s streak, he got through with a nail-biting tiebreaker question. Although Drew has snuck through with seven wins under his belt, some fans think it is a matter of time before his careless moves will overtake him. On Reddit, several fans discuss his gameplay. Fans point out he focuses on risky Daily Double wagers and has been lucky they pan out as often as they have. However, at the beginning of the June 27 episode, he wagered $1000 on the Daily Double but got it wrong. He was in the red by -$400 after the clue. Later in the game, Drew had a second Daily Double. Hoping for significant gain, he risks $4000. Ken notes that is a “high” wager, but it pays off for Drew after he gets a correct answer.

  • One Redditor says his Daily Double plays are making him “sloppy.” Saying, “It’s enabled him to overcome some sloppy play.”
Redditors think his gameplay is sloppy. - Reddit
Redditors think Drew Basile’s gameplay is sloppy. – Reddit

What do you think? Will Drew Basile’s risky moves catch up with him? Do you think his strategy will pay off or is he being reckless? Are you continuing to watch Jeopardy! while Drew is playing or are you pausing until he loses? Drop your comments below.

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