‘HGTV’ Heather El Moussa & Christina Hall Cuss Each Other Out

Heather El Moussa and Christina Hall from Instagram

HGTV is gearing up to produce a brand new house-flipping show starring some old favorites and new faces. Tarek El Moussa and Christina Hall aren’t married any longer, but the former Flip or Flop stars are headed back to the network with their new spouses in tow. Most recently, Christina and Heather El Moussa have been putting out silly promos for the new show to pique fans’ interest.

While eager HGTV fans anxiously await the premiere of The Flip Off, Christina and Heather keep producing new content. And in the latest promo, the gloves definitely came off.

Heather El Moussa & Christina Hall Face Off With Foul Language

The Flip Off stars have been working on goofy promotional videos for quite some time. In one video, the stars even poked fun at the fact Christina Hall and Heather El Moussa strongly resemble one another. In that video, Tarek El Moussa mixed up the women, resulting in a sharp slap from Heather.

But now, Heather and Christina have a new video. And they’re using strong words to describe their onscreen rivalry.

Tarek El Moussa, Heather El Moussa, and Christina Hall from Instagram
Christina Hall/Instagram

The video is set to Big Sean’s “I Don’t F–k With You” and features the women lip-synching the lyrics at one another.

“I don’t f— with you,” Christina mouths at Heather.

“You lil’ stupid ass b—-, I ain’t f—in’ with you,” Heather replies. The video ends with the women getting back in their cars and driving away.

“Bring it on… All or nothing,” Heather captioned the Instagram post.

While it’s clear the women had a blast making the video, Instagram users didn’t seem very impressed. Comments included:

  • “Definitely corny. They are so yesterday’s news. That might have been a hit 2-3 years ago.”
  • Do other things….More Important!!!!!🙄🙄🙄🙄”
  • This will be a FLOP. No pun intended. 😂”
  • Do you think all of your blended family children need to see this ridiculous PR campaign?”

However, a few Instagram users found the new video funny.

Love the sense of humor in this! 🤣 Not everyone gets it…Oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️” one user wrote.

Fans Are Excited To See The Flip Off

Right now, there are still many unknowns about The Flip Off. But many Flip or Flop fans are eager to catch the first episode and see their favorite real estate pros back in action.

Do you plan to watch The Flip Off when it premieres on HGTV? What do you think about Christina Hall and Heather El Moussa’s marketing campaigns? Don’t forget to add your voice to the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments.

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