‘General Hospital’ Reveals How Hamilton Finn Exits, Fans Livid

Michael Easton - YouTube/General Hospital

General Hospital has released a preview for an upcoming episode. It reveals that Michael Easton’s character Hamilton Finn will make his exit from the soap opera soon. Fans caught on to the hints dropped in the preview and are livid about the possibility of the character being recast. Here is what has been revealed so far.

Preview Shows Hamilton Finn’s Last Moments In Port Charles

A new trailer for an upcoming episode of GH has been released. It shows Hamilton Finn speaking with his on-screen daughter, Violet. In the clip, Violet looks upset and tells her dad, “You have to take me with you.”

He just stares at his daughter in silence, indicating that he isn’t able to bring her along. While the reason for the character’s departure has not been revealed in the trailer, Soap Opera Digest received information about Hamilton Finn’s storyline.

General Hospital Hamilton Finn and Violet - Instagram
Instagram/Michael Easton

According to the soap publication, Hamilton is leaving Port Charles to seek help at an addiction clinic. He is looking to “get his life back on track.”

The decision about Hamilton Finn leaving the show has been made for some time now, but that hasn’t stopped fans from expressing their grievances with writers online. Fans slammed General Hospital for letting Michael Easton go in the comments on YouTube.

“I hope they don’t recast Finn. Michael Easton played that role very well,” one fan commented. “Michael Easton…You will be missed! I hope this exit was your decision and not that of the GH team,” another viewer wrote. “I truly hope that they bring Michael Easton back at the end of his rehab,” a third person wrote.

Michael Easton Says Goodbye To General Hospital & Fans

Michael Easton shared the news of his departure with fans on Instagram on June 26.

“I’ve always been partial to the Irish good-bye,” he said in a video. “That’s where you leave the party without actually telling anyone you’re gone. But I thought you all deserved better. So I just want to let you know that I just filmed my final scenes here at General Hospital.

General Hospital Michael Easton - Instagram
Instagram/Michael Easton

He continued, “I’ve loved every minute that I’ve been here. I want to thank the entire cast and crew for allowing me to share their stage this past 10 years. Most importantly, I want to thank all of you for the kindness and love you’ve shown me and my family. I won’t ever forget you.”

Then, at the end of the clip, he walks away from the studio where General Hospital is filmed for the last time. Unfortunately, he did not provide a reason for why he is leaving the soap opera at this time.

He has played Dr. Hamilton Finn on GH since 2016. Prior to appearing on General Hospital, he starred in other daytime soaps, including Days Of Our Lives and One Life To Live.

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  1. Did Michael Easton choose to leave GH or was he let go? It looks like the door is open for him to return after time in rehab which is better for the child Vilolet for her dad to get better & reunite with her maybe her mother could return as well & they could be a family again.

  2. I hate that Michael Easton is leaving GH like this! Poor Violet, first her Mom just disappears then her Grandpa dies and now her Dad dies. I hate this for Violet! This is so not fair to her!

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