Fans Worry Meri Brown Halting Filming, Delays Season 19

Meri Brown - Sister Wives

Recently, Sister Wives fans became concerned about the estimated release of Season 19. While several sources are talking about it debuting in a few months, now fans wonder if Meri Brown stopping filming with delay the premiere.

Meri Brown Ventures Out

Undeniably, there are many mixed feelings surrounding the upcoming season of Sister Wives. At the end of Season 18, Meri Brown made a huge move in her life by ending her relationship connections to the plural marriage after more than 30 years. While it was the end of an era for them, Kody Brown was nonchalant about the announcement. Seemingly, it wasn’t a big surprise to Kody since he essentially stopped putting in romantic efforts decades earlier. Although Meri wasn’t done trying, she was tired of feeling like a fool for sticking around. Reprioritizing, she moved her clothing business to the bed and breakfast and made her exit from her union with Kody, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn Brown. While she admits there is a Season 19 without completely confirming details, she also may affect the release.

Meri Brown - Sister Wives
Meri Brown – Sister Wives

Sister Wives Season 19

Several sources are giving some fans hope for the return of Sister Wives Season 19 soon. Most of the insiders point to the season coming back in August or September. While some fans don’t want to see any more of the family after Garrison Brown‘s passing, others want to know how the family is doing. Other fans worry the upcoming season is primarily going to focus on Christine Brown Woolley and David Woolley’s dating relationship. Although most fans are happy about their blooming life, many don’t want to go backward after already getting the details from the Wedding Special. Some are sad to think about seeing footage of Garrison before his death and even more upset they may include scenes from the post-death aftermath.

Fans Worry Meri Brown Halting Filming Delays Season 19

Recently, Meri Brown has been very close to Jenn Sullivan. While Robyn Brown was her “best friend” for many years, as Robyn and Kody became more exclusive, Meri gravitated away. But since leaving the plural marriage, Meri and Jenn have been very outwardly close. Their friendship is very intriguing to Sister Wives fans and Jenn is said to be part of Season 19. Since they are both filming for Season 19, it is a subject they don’t talk about much on Fridays With Friends to avoid spoilers. However, Meri and Jenn abruptly stopped filming Fridays With Friends early in May. Without explanation, fans became very concerned about Meri halting filming. Many fans fear there was a falling out with Jenn which could dramatically affect the release of Season 19.

Jenn Sullivan Faces A Life-Altering Health Concern

But much to fans’ relief, the reason for her stopping the show doesn’t seem to be about their relationship. Unfortunately, Jenn Sullivan has had several scary weeks facing a huge health issue. Recently, Jenn tagged Meri Brown in a post about why they weren’t having their Friday hangouts like usual. Furthermore, Jenn has gone through an experience with a frightening health concern. She tells fans, “As some of you know, a non-cancerous tumor was found encapsulated within my uterus.” She gives many details about the process and her recovery. However, her health may cause delays in the Season 19 production depending on how filming was interrupted and many scenes will need to be rescheduled because of her life-altering experience.

Jenn Sullivan talks about Friday With Friends return with Meri Brown. - Instagram
Jenn Sullivan talks about Friday With Friends return with Meri Brown. – Instagram

Meri Brown Talks About Her Relationships

Meri told Rachel Uchitel on the Miss Understood podcast when asked about Season 19, “I’m around. I’m not going anywhere.” Meri Brown admits she is learning not everyone is part of her lifelong story. Some people are only there for a season. When speaking with Rachel, she discusses some of the relationships with the Browns. She is okay with her relationship with her former sister wives, Christine and Janelle Brown, now falling by the wayside. Currently, Meri says Robyn and Kody are practicing monogamy, and she is happy for them but glad to have left.

Meri Brown & Rachel Uchitel - Miss Understood
Meri Brown & Rachel Uchitel – Miss Understood

Meri talks about grief, “Embrace the pain. Cry when you need to. Spend some time alone. And when you are feeling okay, to get up and take a walk or go visit a friend or whatever, do what you need to do whenever you need to do it. When you need to take the time for yourself, take the time for yourself.” She thinks most people don’t realize the grieving process is different for everyone with every loss. Undeniably, she says, Kody and Janelle are still having so many good and bad days after the loss of Garrison Brown.

What do you think about Meri Brown halting filming? Do you think it will affect the release of Season 19? Are you ready for a new season of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill


  1. Good on Meri, as frustrating as it was watching her constantly follow Kody around literally begging for his attention whilst HE LITERALLY treated her with almost ‘disdain’….he dismissed her constantly belittling her and chipping away at her self esteem.
    So now…..he’ll get a taste of his own medicine….the funding of the ‘Kody Brown and his domestic bullying and abuse’ show is at a stand still.
    Kody and Robyn….I suggest you both get ‘real jobs’ rather than living off ( your now absent wives)

  2. I’m done watching. I started to watch because I was interested in how they managed to make things work. It was a different culture and I’m interested in learning about all. NOW it’s no longer interesting in that respect. It’s just become like all the other FAKE-reality shows. People become sideshows.

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