Fans Angry Over ‘Family Feud’, ‘No Respect’ & Vulgar Questions

Steve Harvey - Family Feud

Recently, Family Feud fans became very angry with how vulgar the show is becoming. While some people find the show’s direction comical, others believe it no longer displays any respect as a family show.

Family Feud Continues To Become More Progressive

Undoubtedly, shows like Family Feud are taking big risks to add more risque topics knowing it brings in more viewers. To be more progressive, they have introduced more colorful topics over the years. However, not all the fans appreciate the not-so-family-friendly materials that the show is gravitating toward. Furthermore, with questions about blow-up dolls, manhood, and how grandpa is like a dog, some fans tire of the rude nature. While some fans think it is just a sign of the times, others enjoy the crude humor. But a group of fans asserts their anger over the direction the show is going with “no respect” and increasingly more vulgar questions.

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey Pauses To Collect Himself

For instance, on the Family Feud social media pages, one surprising question gets asked of the family that leaves the audience in shock. Steve Harvey reads the question: “Name a green vegetable that the Jolly Green Giant’s wife might compare his manhood to.” One of the contestants, Tina, takes a shot at the answer. She says, “I’m gonna say one of those really big zucchinis.”

She compares the "manhood" to a big zucchini. - InstagramShe compares the “manhood” to a big zucchini. – Instagram

Awkwardly, Steve looks down at his cards not sure what to say, but mouthes, “Wow.” Standing next to Tina, Clarence tilts his head with surprise, and says, “Alright.” But then Steve quickly laughs when the mom interjects proudly, “That’s my son!” Then, he chuckles, points, and repeats femininely, “She says, ‘That’s my son.'” Following the tense pause, the board reveals that “Zucchini” was the second to last answer.

The answer takes Steve Harvey off guard. - Instagram
The answer takes Steve Harvey off guard. – Instagram

Fans Are Angry Over Family Feud, Saying It Has ‘No Respect’ With Vulgar Questions

Although Steve Harvey does a good job running interference with the tricky topics and off-the-wall responses from contestants, some fans are angry the show allows it.

  • One viewer replies on Instagram, “Why all the sexual questions? Thought it was ‘Family’ Feud. The woman talking about her son’s manhood is creepy.”
  • “What goes on in her house?’
  • “Why is everything always sexual – yawn.”
  • “It was the funny the first thousand times.”
  • “Sex sells easily and hit masses.”
  • “Family feud really does ask odd questions regarding men.”

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  • Additionally, another viewer on TikTok finds the show very disrespectful. They say, “Lawd have mercy! Stop the world, I want to get off. We are going to hell. No respect, no cooth anymore. Family show?”
  • “Can’t there just be regular questions?!? wtf is this??”
  • Furthermore, another fan jokes, “Family Feud just doing cards against humanity on TV now.”
Family Feud continues to bring in increasingly less wholesome questions. - TikTok
Family Feud continues to bring in increasingly less wholesome questions. – TikTok

Other Fans Add Their Thoughts

However, not all Family Feud fans disagree with the humor. Instead, some think it is funny to watch Steve Harvey get taken off guard.

  • Specifically, laughing at the contestant, on person says, “Zucchini is actually a fruit. πŸ€“.”
  • “That’s my son, she’s proud of his πŸ†.”
  • Likewise, someone else says, “Highlight of the show.”
  • “❀️ This is to funny πŸ€£πŸ˜„.”


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What do you think about Family Feud‘s direction with questions? Do you think it is funny? Do you think the questions are vulgar? Are you hoping they continue to include a variety of edgy topics? Drop your comments below.

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