Derek Hough Struggled Through ‘I Am: Celine Dion’ Seizure Scene

Derek Hough from Access Hollywood, YouTube

Dancing With The Stars judge Derek Hough and his wife Hayley Erbert just finished Celine Dion’s new documentary — and it certainly moved them.

After finishing, Derek posted his raw reaction on Instagram. Celine Dion’s story truly resonated with him and his wife. However, it also reminded them of Hayley’s health battles in late 2023. The couple understands the difficult journey that health scares create, especially in the entertainment world.

Read on and see what he had to say about the film.

Derek Hough Describes His Reaction To The New Documentary

Canadian pop icon Celine Dion revealed that she was living with Stiff-Person Syndrome back in 2022. Unfortunately, her illness took a massive toll on both her personal and professional lives. Her three sons even felt terrified that their mother would die.

I Am: Celine Dion focuses on her road to recovery and finding herself again. Although Derek Hough loved the show, it definitely brought up some bad memories.

Derek Hough from Access Hollywood Interview, YouTube
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“Watched Celine Dion’s new documentary, ‘I Am Celine,’ last night,” Derek captioned his Instagram post. He went onto share what a positive experience he and Hayley had when they met the singer. Although he and his wife found the documentary incredibly powerful, it choked them up to the point where Derek could hardly get through it.

“A very difficult scene was seeing one of Celine’s SPS seizures play out in real time. It was so hard to watch seeing her in pain like that. It also reminded me of Hayley’s seizure on the side of the stage a few months ago. I could barely re-watch,” the DWTS judge continued.

“Celine is an absolute legend, with a unique and one in a billion voice. We’re so blessed to witness her talent in our lifetime. I pray she heals and returns to the stage she loves so much,” Derek concluded the post.


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Instagram Users Share Their Thoughts

Fans overwhelmingly agreed with Derek Hough’s post. They left comments on the Instagram post including:

  • The scene with her seizure absolutely broke my heart for her, it was very hard to watch. I hope and pray that she can sing and perform again, too.”
  • I watched last night too and was in tears during her seizure. Her staff was so caring and gentle with her.”
  • 😭 she is so brave! Resilient, admirable, beautiful human ❤️ Praying for her”
  • I watched it last night as well. That seizure scene was awful. 😢”

I Am: Celine Dion is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Have you seen the documentary yet? What did you think of it? Leave your own thoughts in the comments below.

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