Deon Derrico’s Mom ‘GG’ Updates Amid Mental Health, Cancer Battle

GG Derrico - DDWTD

Undeniably, the Doubling Down With The Derricos dad, Deon Derrico, is facing many challenges right now. While he and Karen Derrico are figuring out how to parent fourteen kids amid the transition of divorce, Deon’s mom, Marian “GG” Derrico, is also battling cancer. Without a doubt, this is a difficult time in all their lives, but GG is sharing an update about the struggles she is having in her health journey.

Deon Derrico’s Mom Battles Lung Cancer

Over the past few years, Deon Derrico’s mom, Marian “GG” Derrico, has faced lung cancer head-on. However, the fight has been going more than ten years with peripheral health issues relating to her baseball-sized cancerous tumor. Originally, she received the disheartening diagnosis in 2014. Unmistakably, this journey isn’t for the faint of heart. Undeniably, GG is a strong woman and she is pushing forward, but she is tired. She gives fans an update about her heartbreaking cancer battle.

GG Derrico - DDWTD
GG Derrico – Doubling Down With The Derricos

Deon Derrico Supports GG

Decidedly, Deon Derrico has stood by his mom as she announced in Doubling Down With The Derricos Season 5 that she would discontinue chemotherapy treatments. Deon says prayers are carrying them. Deon expresses it has been “very challenging navigating through the many changes.” He confesses, “I don’t know when we will be to a point—and I hope soon—but I don’t know when we’ll be to a point where I’m able to really relax and not have it constantly as a cloud, if you will, over me.” He also said, “So all I can say is GG, thank God, is alive.” Since deciding to stop chemo, GG focused on a more holistic approach to her health. But it is uncharted territory and an uphill climb for her.

GG Is Climbing Uphill During Her Battle

After Deon Derrico’s mom chose to quit the chemotherapy treatments, her doctor wanted her to consider radiation therapy. However, GG says, “Radiation is something that terrifies me more than chemo because if I go through that radiation, it will be something else after that.” In a confessional interview in August 2023, she also admits, “I feel like I’m never gonna stop climbing this mountain. I am done.” Understandably, she is feeling the fatigue of the journey. When she was going through chemo, her body was breaking down. Reportedly, she suffered from “very low” white blood cell counts. In July 2023, she talked about her cancer battle. She expresses, “It’s not just the physical fight.” Further explaining, “It’s the mental fight, it’s the emotional fight.” In her exhaustion, she says, “I can only fight so much.”

Deon and GG Derrico - DDWTD
Deon and GG Derrico – Doubling Down With The Derricos

Grateful For The Time They Have

Deon Derrico spoke with Parade in June 2024 and gave an update on GG’s health status. He says, “GG, now she’s still just dealing with the residual effects of the chemo. So she still has good days and bad days.” Furthermore, he adds, “You know, she has days when I’m asking God like, ‘God, what now?’ And then she has days, I said, ‘Oh my, you know you’re looking pretty good today.’” Undeniably, it is taking its toll on Deon and the entire family. He confesses it is a “day-to-day” fight. Additionally, he is grateful for the time they have together, but mentions she needs to “take it very easy.”

Deon Derrico Updates Fans About Emergency Visits

On Deon Derrico’s Instagram page, he gave a quick update for this week. He says, “This past week has been a doozie to say the least… today both GG, and I were literally in emergency at the same time!! We are both okay now!!” He lets fans know that, “GG’s potassium was very low and she was dehydrated. They are keeping her in the hospital for further observations but she’s talking smack and getting on my case which is always a great sign!” Deon let fans know his visit was minor, but they are both doing “okay” for now.

He and GG both have an emergency room visit at the same time. - Instagram
Deon Derrico and GG both have an emergency room visit at the same time. – Instagram

Deon Derrico shares another update on GG’s health. He captions: “Hey family and friends, thank you for your prayers and concerns.” Further adding, “GG, is doing much better now and they are keeping her in the hospital overnight! We will be updating you guys on GG, as we’re filming behind the scenes as a way of keeping you all up to date!” But GG is still keeping her spirits up and joking with her fans. Deon reminds her she is a fan favorite especially since she “cusses everyone out.” She tells Deon she feels like “popping” him for his comment. Unfortunately, they continue to face the bad days alongside each of the beautiful good days they are so thankful to have.

He shares she is having a better day. - Instagram
Deon Derrico shares that she is having a better day. – Instagram

Have you been through a journey like Deon Derrico’s mom and the family? What helped you travel through the difficult times? Are you enjoying this season of Doubling Down With The Derricos? Drop your comments below.


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  1. May God guide your family thru all your trials. God 🙏👑 makes no mistakes. Get well Gg. l watch yall all the time. Deon behave!!! 😁 lol

  2. I watch the show every week. I nearly fell off my chair when the last line came on saying they filed for divorce. I am shocked and saddened by the news. I feel so sorry for all of them, especially the 14 children. Hope GG is okay. She has been through so much and is such a lovely person.

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