Will F/V Cornelia Marie Return To ‘Deadliest Catch’?

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Deadliest Catch fans will always feel sorrow when they think about F/V Cornelia Marie because Captain Phil Harris died after a stroke. The Discovery Channel dropped the vessel and the crew after Josh Harris took a guilty plea for sexual assault of a minor. But might it return to the show now?

Josh Harris In Deadliest Catch

When Josh Harris was fired, he and F/V Cornelia Marie were featured in Bloodline and the original show. Deadliest Catch fans found out in Season 19, that F/V Cornelia Marie wasn’t returning. And, it wasn’t the fault of Captain Casey McManus. The Discovery Channel distanced itself after the news that Josh orally and vaginally assaulted a young girl.

Deadliest Catch, Jake Harris, Josh Harris-https://www.instagram.com/p/BDqYhOHFBOL/
Deadliest Catch, Jake Harris, Josh Harris-https://www.instagram.com/p/BDqYhOHFBOL/

Captain Casey had stepped in after Captain Phil Harris’ two sons, Jake and Josh failed to come up with the money after their dad passed away.  According to Collider, Captain Casey McManus found other work as a tugboat driver. And, he wasn’t happy that Discovery Channel dumped him.

V/F Cornelia Marie Has New Owner/Partner?

Josh Harris is fairly quiet these days, but fans feel that Captain Phil Harris would be sad about how his sons turned out. Jake also ran foul of the law with a DUI. But have the brothers now disassociated themselves from F/V Cornelia Marie?

Cornelia Marie-https://www.instagram.com/p/nJlan-h9rA/?hl=en
F/V Cornelia Marie- crew – Instagram

Taylor Jensen was unlucky at sea and Deadliest Catch fans saw that he ended up with three injuries. Well, things might have turned around for him because he shared an interesting post on Instagram about V/F Cornelia Marie. It seems that he partnered in ownership.

Might The Vessel Return With Taylor Jensen and Casey?

Taylor geotagged the F/V Cornelia Marie with Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Then, in his caption, he wrote:

First shipyard as partners in this big blue piece of steel ✅ #Bristolbaybound

FV Cornelia Marie - Taylor Jensen - Instagram
FV Cornelia Marie – Taylor Jensen – Instagram

In the comments section of the post, Deadliest Catch fans were thrilled for Taylor but they had a lot of questions. Unfortunately, he didn’t answer them:

  • Wait, what? I’m so confused. How did this happen?
  • Where are Josh and Casey? Do they not have the Cornelia Marie anymore?
  • My understanding is that Taylor is a partner.
  • That’s cool. Do you think the boat will be back on the show? Be nice to see it on TV again.

Possibly, with or without Josh, the vessel will not return to Deadliest Catch. One follower who seemed to know something about it wrote:

discovery offered a contract but they declined.

Turning down Discovery Channel Instagram
Turning down Discovery Channel – Instagram

Are you sad to hear that even with Taylor Jensen as a new partner with the F/V Cornelia Marie, it probably won’t appear in the new seasons of the crab fishing show? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Deadliest Catch news.

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