‘Claim To Fame’ Season 3 Contestant’s Identity Revealed Already?

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Season 3 of Claim To Fame does not start until July 10th, 2024 yet one contestant has already been revealed. Usually, guesses start coming in the first night, and within a few weeks, most contestants have been figured out by fans. Yet, this time around, someone has already been revealed but are the guesses correct? Keep reading for more details.

Claim To Fame Season 3 Contestant’s Identity Revealed Already?

For those unfamiliar, Claim To Fame is a reality competition show where celebrity relatives compete weekly. The goal is for them not to be unmasked by their housemates and to get to the end of the show without anyone figuring out which famous person they are related to. Last season, the winner was Gabriel Cannon. His brother is none other than Nick Cannon but he competed with Dolly Parton’s niece, Jada Star, and Jenny McCarthy’s niece, Olivia Aquilina. Donny Osmond’s son, Chris was the most obvious but he also received the most wrong guesses.

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It is hosted by Kevin and Franklin Jonas and this season, there are a bunch of wild cards. Yet, one person has already stood out, per Screen Rant. It is none other than a contestant named Dedrick/Siggy and fans have watched the trailer for the show. He is the first in the trailer and his clues are his famous uncle who is a singer and won best rock song. Immediately, it clicked for many as he is related to none other than Michael Jackson.

Upon looking at Siggy Jackson’s Instagram, it is clear to see that he is related to the Jackson family. His bio reads this: “Motorcycle&Car enthusiast.❤️my wife &kids &my family is kind of famous 👑which jackson ismy pops=Jackie 💍 @toyialjackson dad @thejacksonsistars &1son❤️.” So, his father is Michael’s brother, Jackie which means his aunts are Janet and LaToya Jackson. His social media is filled with photos of himself, his children, his family, and his wife.

Siggy Jackson-Instagram
Siggy Jackson-Instagram

Now, some people use different names when they are on Claim To Fame, as Jada Star did. She went by “Jane” which threw people off. He is using Dedrick but has also been listed as Siggy.

Who Will Give His Message?

When the contestant is revealed on Claim To Fame, they get a message from their relative. However, Siggy’s connection, Michael Jackson is deceased. So, who will send him love? It could be Janet Jackson who is extremely famous or LaToya who has had success in her own right. In any case, this is going to be interesting to see if Siggy Jackson is in fact who everyone believes he is.

Are you convinced that this is Michael Jackson’s nephew? Let us know and watch Claim To Fame July 10th on ABC.

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