‘RHONY’ Kelly Bensimon Calls Off Wedding 4 Days Before, Why?

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In shocking news, Real Housewives of New York star Kelly Bensimon has called off her wedding. Not only did she cancel the wedding, but she did it just four days before it was about to take place. She was supposed to marry Scott Litner on June 29. However, she said she couldn’t go through with it.

Here is why Kelly said she canceled her wedding right before it was supposed to happen.

Kelly Bensimon Cancels Wedding

Kelly Bensimon canceled her wedding with financier Scott Litner just four days before they were supposed to get married. The wedding was supposed to take place on June 29, but Kelly canceled the wedding on June 25. This comes less than a year since Litner proposed over the 4th of July weekend in 2023.

'RHONY' alum Kelly Bensimon gets engaged! [Source: Instagram]
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Bensimon released a statement and said she is taking some time for herself right now. “I have decided that my two daughters are my priority, and I won’t be moving forward with this wedding,” Kelly said when discussing her decision (via Page Six). She then asked for privacy after making this decision.

The wedding was supposed to be in Boston in Scott Litner’s mother’s backyard in front of friends and family on Saturday. The couple also planned a second big wedding in the Hamptons. Bensimon, 56, just went on a small bachelorette trip with her two daughters, Sea, 26, and Teddy, 24, in Jamaica.

Kelly moved in with Litner last year. She was previously married to fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon from 1997 to 2006.

Why Did Kelly Bensimon Call Off The Wedding?

While Kelly Bensimon originally said she wanted privacy, some reasons that might explain the canceled wedding are now revealed. According to reports, Scott Litner wouldn’t sign a prenup before the wedding, which Kelly took as a “red flag.”

Kelly Bensimon - Instagram
Kelly Bensimon – Instagram

Kelly said that Litner, who works as a wealth management consultant, refused to sign a prenup (via Us Weekly). ““I haven’t come this far in business and life to start making poor decisions because of a man,” Kelly said. “He, of all people, should have understood the need to protect each other before we tied the knot. I’m truly shocked he refused a prenup.”

Kelly said Litner thought they could marry without “legal protections in place.” She said he wanted to leave “everything to faith,” which she wasn’t okay with. Even though Kelly said she was excited to marry Scott, the prenup protecting her wealth ended up being more important to her than her feelings toward him. Kelly is worth $10 million.

What are your thoughts on Real Housewives of New York star Kelly Bensimon calling off her wedding? Did it surprise you? Do you think it was a prenup disagreement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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