Nick Viall Talks Mental Health Amid Natalie Joy Cheating Rumors

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Former Bachelor Nick Viall is opening up about how he deals with all the negativity that sometimes comes his way. As his fame grows so do the trolls who come after him. Nick talked about how he handles all the rumors and negative comments on a recent podcast. He seemingly addressed the rumors that his fiance at the time Natalie Joy was cheating on him. What did Nick say about the rumors and about his mental health? Keep reading to find out more.

Nick Viall Seemingly Addresses Cheating Rumors And Mental Health

When Nick Viall appeared on the LadyGang podcast he seemingly acknowledged the rumors that had been flying around after he and Natalie Joy got engaged. There were rumors that she was unfaithful to him.  

Nick has obviously heard the rumors about his now wife, but he says the easiest way to deal with them is to ignore them. Nick says he has to disconnect and do what he can to protect his mental health and the mental health of his family.

He said, “I don’t go on [social media]. I disconnect. I’m just really good at protecting my mental health and the mental health of my family. And I mean it when I say it, I like to work. I’ve always liked to work. I’ve enjoyed work. The more I build the show, the less famous I want to be.”

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He realizes he chose this way of life and so he stays away from the trolls by ignoring the comments. Nick simply doesn’t read them. He doesn’t read about it but he is aware of the rumors that fly around the internet about him and his bride. He said, “I know that I’m unaware of 90 percent more because I don’t read it.”

Nick feels engaging with the trolls just makes things worse.

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Harry Jowsey Slammed Nick, Stirring Up The Rumors Again

Nick Viall went on to say, “Like, how many people have promoted bulls—t rumors about themselves only to deny it? It blows my mind. … Listen, I’m human. As much as I say to stay offline, I’ve had my moments of weakness. I had to get better and better at this … you just move on.”

His words are seemingly in response to Harry Jowsey’s crude remark on a comment on Instagram. A fan noted that Nick was shading Harry and so he had something to say about it. Harry said, “He can’t keep his d—k out of his mouth 😂 50 year old man gossiping about people in their 20’s dating, he should be more focused on his wife cheating on him and repairing that then [sic] worrying about me 😂😂.”

As for Natalie, she has not really addressed the rumors. However, it seems she may have inadvertently done so when she recently noted that women are judged more harshly than men. When men do something wrong or shameful it’s more like men will be men. Women are slammed for things that men are not.

Nick and Natalie finally got married after dating for more than two years. The two welcomed their daughter just a few months before they tied the knot.

What do you think about Nick’s strategy to protect his mental health by just ignoring all the haters?

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