Maria Georgas Feuding With Jenn Tran Over ‘Bachelorette’ Gig?

Jenn Tran and Maria Georgas/Credit: Instagram

Bachelor star Maria Georgas made a surprising move against Jenn Tran, and fans are wondering if they are feuding over the Bachelorette gig they were both up for.

Jenn Tran Shuts Down Bachelorette Third Choice Chatter

Bachelor Nation fans were surprised when Jenn Tran was announced as the next Bachelorette. Most expected Daisy Kent or Maria Georgas. Both Daisy and Maria turned the role down.

Maria Georgas/Credit:: Maria Georgas Instagram
Maria Georgas/Credit:: Maria Georgas Instagram

Maria went on the Call Her Daddy podcast a month or so ago to share more details about why she turned it down. She outright said that the gig was hers until she said no. Maria implied that part of the reason she said no was because she knew her Bachelor co-star Jenn Tran really wanted it.

Maria and Daisy turning down Bachelorette made many fans think Jenn Tran was the third choice. However, she shut down those rumors during her own appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast this week.

She confirmed that she was in the running along with Maria and Daisy but said it was the network that decided to go with her. Jenn denied that she was the third choice.

Well, it seems her comments on the podcast didn’t sit right with Maria Georgas. Now fans think the two are feuding, why?

Why Fans Think Maria Georgas Is Feuding With Jenn Tran Now

One Bachelor Nation fan took to Reddit to share something interesting they noticed about Maria’s Instagram. The reality star was no longer following Jenn Tran though multiple other Redditors confirmed that she was before the podcast episode dropped.

Jenn Tran
Jenn Tran

Fans of the show took to the comments to react to the move, and many were on Jenn’s side.

  • Maria’s comments rubbed me the wrong way when she made them. There was no need to go on a huge podcast and take Jenn’s moment away from here.
  • Childish. Maria making it a point to state how it was her gig and she turned it down was ridiculous towards Jenn to begin with considering Maria wasn’t even their first choice. It was clearly Daisy.
  • Very petty of Maria. Seems like the drama never stops with her.
  • Not a good look for Maria
  • I have no horse in this race but Jenn basically just said the reality of the situation of what has long been said about the bachelor/bachelorette casting process: that there are always multiple people with contracts. Maybe Maria was somehow unaware and thought it was just her, but that’s likely not the reality.
  • Honest opinion… they’re both shady

Whether Jenn Tran and Maria Georgas are really feuding has yet to be confirmed. One fan noted that Maria left a positive comment on a social media post of Jenn’s Call Her Daddy podcast episode.

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