‘Love Is Blind’ Taylor Rue Shares Big Update On Sad Tragedy

Love Is Blind: Taylor Rue

Love Is Blind cast member Taylor Rue recently took to social media to share a big update with her followers in the aftermath of her devastating tragedy. So, what did she have to say?

Love Is Blind: Taylor Rue Was In Season 5 Of Netflix Show

Love Is Blind fans first met Taylor Rue in Season 5 of the Netflix show. Like the rest of the other romantic hopefuls who go in the pods and risk it all for the possibility of finding love, Taylor was ready and willing to roll the dice to find her forever person.

Love Is Blind is one of the most popular dating shows out there. While other programs like Married at First Sight marry strangers immediately at the altar, the unique thing about this Netflix show is that people “date” each other without actually seeing each other, with the idea being that the emotional connection they build will be enough to form a lasting connection, even before they see one another.

Love Is Blind Taylor Rue - Instagram/Taylor Rue
Instagram/Taylor Rue

Taylor Rue’s Relationship With Jared ‘JP’ Pierce Crashed And Burned

As Love Is Blind fans saw with Taylor Rue and JP in Season 5, just because you make it beyond the pods and into the honeymoon stage of the show, that doesn’t guarantee that you and the other person will mesh outside of the pods.

The show has proven time and again that the reality of living with someone day to day is far different from dating with a wall between you and the other person. Often, people say things like: “This isn’t how you were in the pods.”

In Taylor Rue and JP’s case, these two called it quits just days after their engagement, and Taylor has since found someone new.

Love Is Blind Taylor Rue with Cameron Shelton - Instagram/Taylor Rue
Instagram/Taylor Rue

Love Is Blind: Taylor Opens Up About Heartbreaking Loss

For any Love Is Blind fans keeping up with regular updates from Taylor Rue, she hard-launched a new man following her disastrous experience with JP on the Netflix show. The pair were even expecting. Unfortunately for Taylor, she recently took to social media to reveal some harrowing news.

Taylor revealed that she suffered a miscarriage and lost the baby. What makes this hit even harder is the fact that, along with her caption breaking the news, she included a short clip of happier times, when they got to hear the baby’s heartbeat during an ultrasound.

Taylor Rue told her Love Is Blind followers: “It went from ‘mom’ there’s a heartbeat to ‘there is no heartbeat’ within weeks.” She added: “Cam and I are devastated and heartbroken. Only time will heal the pain we feel. We know that God’s plan is so much greater than ours and that baby S is in heaven looking down on us. Baby S will forever be in our hearts.”


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Taylor Shares Big Update With New BF Following Tragedy

Losing a child is one of the most gut-wrenching things someone can experience. As much as Taylor and her new boyfriend are both still devastated, based on recent updates from the Netflix celeb, they are finding ways to cope and move forward.

Based on recent Love Is Blind updates from Taylor Rue, she shared an update decorating her home with items she bought from Kohls. According to her, these items are “making our house feel like home!”


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After everything Taylor Rue has dealt with recently, her Love Is Blind fans are happy to see her active and busy. It also seems like things are going well with her new boyfriend. They are certainly leaning on each other after the recent tragedy.

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