Joan Vassos Spotted Filming ‘Golden Bachelorette’ Date

'Golden Bachelorette' Joan Vassos/Credit: ABC YouTube

Joan Vassos was spotted filming a date for the upcoming season of The Golden Bachelorette at a beloved theme park. Keep reading to get a glimpse at one of her suitors.

Joan Vassos Knows What She’s Looking For In A Man

There is a lot viewers didn’t get to learn about Joan Vassos when she was a contestant on The Golden Bachelor. For one, she was a background extra in the 1985 ‘Brat Pack’ flick St. Elmo’s Fire.

Fans will get a chance to learn much more about Joan on the upcoming season of The Golden Bachelorette. The spinoff airs this fall on ABC. But Joan Vassos has already spilled the tea on what kind of man she wants to fall in love with.

Joan Vassos/Credit: ABC YouTube
Joan Vassos/Credit: ABC YouTube

She told Entertainment Tonight that she’s looking for someone with the same attributes as her father. Travel is also important to the Golden Bachelor alum.

Spotted Filming Golden Bachelorette Date

ABC announced Joan Vassos as the first Golden Bachelorette in May. The show is airing this fall, and filming has recently started. The network hasn’t shared any details on the contestants, though fans hope Kelsey Anderson’s father could be one of them.

Reality Steve is known among Bachelor Nation as a (mostly) reliable source for spoilers. He took to his Twitter to share photos from Joan Vassos filming a date with one of her suitors.

The pair were filming at the popular Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California. The photos were actually posted on a Facebook page dedicated to the beloved family vacation spot.

Reality Steve noted that the identity of the man in the photo wasn’t yet known. However, it clearly wasn’t Mark Anderson or Tyler Cameron’s father.

Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to lust over the mystery Golden Bachelorette suitor. One fan wrote, “If Joan doesn’t pick this guy then he can come over to my place and we shall have a dinner and a movie.”

Another added that the man was “easy on the eyes.”

According to Reality Steve, it may be a while until ABC releases the names and photos of the Golden Bachelorette contestants. He noted that the names of the 22 Golden Bachelor women weren’t announced until after the show finished airing, though he likely meant after Jenn Tran’s season of Bachelorette finishes airing.

The Golden Bachelor contestants were announced at the end of August after Charity Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette ended.

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