‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Boycott Drew Basile For Being A Cocky Winner

Drew Basile - Jeopardy!

Recently, Jeopardy! fans are expressing how tired they are getting of the current champ’s obnoxiously cocky winning style. Although the Survivor alum, Drew Basile, is “acing” many of the questions on the show, he is rubbing fans the wrong way with his ego.

Drew Basile Has An Abundance Of Confidence

While Jeopardy! and Survivor fans are getting a treat with an unexpected crossover having new champ Drew Basile charting his way through his winning streak, not everyone loves the experience. Undeniably, he is having a good run on the show. Making his first mark by defeating reigning champ, Adrianna Harmeyer, he has since had several close calls on his journey. But his confidence is unmatched with his reality TV experience only adding to his ego. Now, some fans are going on strike until the ego-centric winner moves on.

He is ego centric. - Jeopardy!
Drew Basile – Jeopardy!

Drew Basile Makes The Tournament Of Champions

In Jeopardy! Instagram and X posts, the show congratulates Drew Basile for earning his spot in the Tournament Of Champions. The caption says: “Watch out, there’s a new ToCer on the block and it’s @SurvivorCBS alum Drew Basile! #Jeopardy!” In return, Drew replies in a tweet, “Honored to make the ToC, thanks for all the support from Jeopardy fans as well as the Survivor community.” Further adding, “They’re not kidding when they say it’s a family. And special shoutout to @anthonyd46 for all the content, screengrabs, etc.” In one screenshot is holding his arms up showing off his muscles.

Drew Basile makes the Tournament Of Champions. - Instagram
Drew Basile makes the Tournament Of Champions. – Instagram

Fans Give Their Thoughts On The Champ

While some people already had an idea of who Drew Basile was before he joined Jeopardy!, others are getting a clue from his demeanor on the show. Some fans are fed up with his boyish behaviors when he wins.

  • “Drew doesn’t know what being a humble winner is. Instead he’s an obnoxious winner.”
  • “Someone please break his streak… Please. I was really hoping he wouldn’t make it to the ToC.”
  • “Can anyone see through the fake humility of him? Waiting for a new winner.”
  • Drew Basile is the embodiment of cocky for some fans, “If obnoxious bragging winning was a person.”
  • “I could do without his ‘bro’ posturing, but maybe he’ll outgrow it by winter.”
  • Some fans are ready to boycott the show until a new winner comes on. “I’m a regular viewer, but I’m done until Drew is gone.”
  • “He’s arrogant and full of himself. So unpleasant. Hopefully his run will be short and his defeat will be glorious.”
He often claps and fist-pumps when he wins. - Jeopardy!
Drew Basile often claps and fist-pumps when he wins. – Jeopardy!

Other Fans Give Their Thoughts About Drew Basile

Although some Jeopardy! fans are going to skip the show until Drew Basile is finished, others are eager to see how it plays out.

  • “Go Drew. Hated you in Survivor but I like you in Jeopardy!
  • “Shocking to see a Twitter post about drew and not seeing all the comments hating on him.”
  • “Our Survivor legend and Jeopardy kingggg.”
  • “I think he’s just very competitive and can’t hold it in.”
  • “How else could you survive Survivor for that long?”
  • “Listening to his interview about all sorts of students skipping 7th period to watch Jeopardy with him, the Class Officer, he seems well liked and respected by those who know him.”
Drew Basile - Survivor - Instagram
Drew Basile – Survivor – Instagram

What do you think about Drew Basile? Do you think he is an “obnoxious” winner? Do you plan to watch his full journey on Jeopardy!? Drop your comments below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill


  1. I think Drew is a jerk and unbelievably obnoxious. He is not so great, missing a lot of questions, so, hopefully, he will be gone soon. Who else in the world believes that a job babysitting a professor’s cat is volunteer work? I doubt Drew does much, if anything, that doesn’t benefit Drew. His college should retroactively rescind the grant he was given. He said he used it for fun and a chance to travel instead of what he had applied for.

  2. Soooooo glad he finally lost yesterday ! He was one of, if not THE most annoying contestants on jeopardy ! Who claps for themselves ?!?! He was always looking to the other contestants for acknowledgment when he did big !
    Time to get a real job now drew, and not cat sitting
    Buh bye

  3. I didn’t like him for defeating Adrianna, but after seeing his cockyness I couldn’t stand watching him. I lost interest in Jeopardy during his reign. my only regret is not seeing him lose.

  4. I was glad that he lost because I had been rooting for the person, he so called beat. I feel he was an annoying player and didn’t respect the game.

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