Jenn Tran Hosts ‘Bachelorette’ Sleepover, Teases Season

Jenn Tran/Credit: Instagram

A handful of lucky Bachelor Nation fans got to join Jenn Tran at a Bachelorette-themed sleepover. Keep reading for all the details on the epic kick-off event.

What To Know About Bachelorette Season 21

A new season of the popular Bachelor franchise premieres in less than two weeks. Jenn Tran is the first Asian-American Bachelorette in the history of the show.

The season premieres with a two-hour event on Monday, July 8. Fans have already met a few of her contestants through social media promotional posts from ABC. One has family ties to the franchise. Another is already a favorite among viewers despite not having watched him interact with Jenn just yet.

Jenn Tran at CMA Fest/Credit: ABC Instagram
Jenn Tran at CMA Fest/Credit: ABC Instagram

Jenn Tran may have accidentally slipped up and revealed how her season ends. But that won’t stop millions of Bachelor Nation fans from tuning in to watch the season unfold.

Jenn Tran Amps Up Excitement With Sleepover

As July 8 draws closer, ABC’s promotional team continues to release teasers and snippets of the upcoming season to draw attention. Jenn Tran did her part recently by hosting a sleepover for some of the franchise’s most devoted fans.

The guests were made comfortable with pajamas, eye masks, slippers, and boas. The setup included multiple comfy beds and pillows as far as the eye could see.

Lucky attendees could utilize the photo booth or stop at the makeup and jewelry stations. But best of all, they got to hang out with Jenn Tran and drink Bachelorette-themed cocktails.

There was a large board with photos of all 25 men, and the guests could put a rose on the picture of who they thought would be her final rose winner.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Lucky Fans Got To Watch Bachelorette Teaser

It will be months before viewers find out who Jenn Tran picks – if anyone – on Season 21. But lucky fans at the sleepover party got a preview of what’s to come on Jenn Tran’s season.

The teaser wasn’t visible in the social media video, but the reaction from the crowd was. Many attendees gasped, laughed, and clapped at whatever they were watching.

They left the party with a swag bag full of goodies. Several fans took to the comments on Jenn’s post to share their reaction to the sleepover.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram
  • This looks SO FUN!!!
  • Let’s go ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m so excited!!!!! Bring on the JENNERGY ❤️
  • Omg this!!!!! Manifesting being invited to this one day

Keep an eye out for more chances to interact with Jenn Tran as she continues to promote the new season of The Bachelorette.


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