‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Gives Shy Female Player Praise

Steve Harvey - Family Feud - YouTube

Family Feud can be amusing or even insulting, but recently, a contestant’s confession came across as “the greatest” compliment a wife could give her man. Steve Harvey was amazed and very sweet about it. But later, her husband didn’t return the compliment.

Family Feud In June Was Interesting

This month, the comedian and actor who hosts the game show had a good run with some strange answers that people tune in for. Viewers love the way he can take an answer and act outraged, or charmed. Or, shocked. A particular husband claimed that his wife would never get her hands on his phone. Viewers can only wonder what was said when they got home.

Steve Harvey - Family Feud - Club Shay Shay, YouTube
Steve Harvey – Family Feud – YouTube

Family Feud fans also saw Steve Harvey being left speechless when another contestant suggested that bars should give drunk customers more alcohol completely for free. That game went into the sudden death round, but still, it’s unlikely the host will forget that answer about free alcohol.


Steve Harvey Praises Contestant’s Compliment

The Sun reported that when Jeni Morris had to answer a question, there was only one correct answer left. That put her under a bit of pressure. The question was, “Name a place where you hold on tight.” Now that doesn’t sound too difficult, but when she got it wrong, she was a bit coy and shy about her answer.

Jeni Morris Gets Shy - Family Feud
Jeni Morris Gets Shy – Family Feud

The outlet noted that the Family Feud contestant answered that she’d hold on tight “in the bedroom.” While she blushed, Steve Harvey thought that it was great. He said that “the contestant’s answer was ‘the greatest compliment of all time’ for her husband.”

Unfortunately, there was no returning compliment. When her husband, Lance Morris had a chance to answer the question, he said that “he holds on tight, especially when his wife is behind the wheel in ‘the car.”

Steve Harvey was quick to note the answer wasn’t complimentary. So, he said to Jeni, “Right after you gave him the greatest compliment of all time.” Admonishing Lance, the game show host told him to not ride with her again. With both of the contestants getting the wrong answer, the points were stolen by the Hill family. The answer was, a “subway train.” At least the audience had felt that Jeni was very sweet so she could take some comfort from that.

What are your thoughts about Jeni Morris complimenting her husband? It seemed sweet but intimate holding on tight “In the bedroom.” Are you surprised that Lance then insulted her driving? Do you agree with Steve Harvey that it was the “greatest” compliment she could have paid her man? Shout out in the comments below and come back here often for all your Family Feud news.

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