‘America’s Got Talent’ Fans Livid Over Glaring Show Fail

Americas Got Talent: Judges

America’s Got Talent is in the middle of a fresh, new season for fans to dig into. Each new season brings with it more opportunities to see spectacular acts, as well as more of Simon Cowell’s usual critiques. However, there is one area where most fans agree that the show has dropped the ball.

America’s Got Talent Is A Fan Favorite

America’s Got Talent is a major fan-favorite among viewers. In a world saturated with reality singing competitions, AGT offers viewers something else, too. While there are certainly plenty of participants with amazing pipes and impressive vocal range, this is not all the show is known for.

If you have a talent, no matter how strange or obscure it is, you’ve got a shot at making it to the America’s Got Talent stage. Branching out to other areas outside of just singing certainly sets AGT apart from other popular shows like American Idol or The Voice, and fans would not have it any other way.

Americas Got Talent: Simon Cowell
Americas Got Talent: Simon Cowell/YouTube

AGT Back For Season 19

America’s Got Talent is back for Season 19. This means that there will be even more opportunities to see what this season’s crop of competitors will be bringing to the table. Already, in the early auditions, there have been some standout, memorable acts, and things will only continue to get better from here.

Based on the early auditions, there have already been some memorable performances. One such act is a family singing group from the Philippines called L6. They started off with a rough audition before Simon Cowell suggested they become an acapella group.

Right on the spot, they nailed their performance, as well as the right to continue on in the competition. They said it was their late mother’s dream for them to be able to compete on America’s Got Talent, and now, they are doing just that.

Americas Got Talent: L6
Americas Got Talent: L6/YouTube

America’s Got Talent: Fans Livid Over Show Dropping The Ball?

As much as America’s Got Talent fans are eager for Season 19, some fans are livid with what they see as an epic fail from the show, especially early on with the auditions. The way many viewers see it, the program is doing its name a disservice by not featuring more American talent on the stage.

It’s no secret that there’s an international flair to the audition pool, as viewers see with acts like L6 from the Philippines. However, the way fans see it, this lack of American talent is hurting the show.

Howie Mandel from 'America's Got Talent' | YouTube
Howie Mandel from ‘America’s Got Talent’ | YouTube
  • America’s Got Talent fans are adamant about this lack of American talent, with one fan writing: “Was there literally any United States other than pool table and dominos?”
  • Another viewer said: “They should change the name of the show to ‘The World’s Got Talent’ and get it over with. The percentage of the acts from America is really small.”

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  1. It should be the World’s Got Talent, not America’s Got Talent. None of the judges are even American!!! There probably should be TWO shows: America’s Got Talent and the World’s Got Talent.

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