’90 Day Fiance’ Shekinah Reveals Sarper Designed Her New Nose

Sarper Güven & Shekinah Garner From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

90 Day Fiance star Shekinah Garner is back with big updates for the fans amid her plans to undergo a nose job. The 41-year-old is known for the multiple cosmetic procedures she has undergone over the years. But things are different this time as Shekinah reveals the unexpected person who will design her nose.

90 Day Fiance: How’s Shekinah Garner Today?

Shekinah was introduced in the show as an esthetician at Beverly Hilton. Many of her posts today are also about makeup and other cosmetic tips. She also hustles as a social media influencer, often selling clothes and accessories. The 90 Day Fiance star runs a business called Aesthetics By Shekinah. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Sarper, has been working as a professional model. He’s also a personal trainer and content creator. But despite their successful backgrounds, many have doubted the couple’s compatibility. Many were also puzzled by Shekinah’s decision during the preview clip for the July 1st episode of Happily Ever After?

Shekinah Garner From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

Shekinah Shares Who Will Design Upcoming Nose Job

In an Instagram post, Shekinah Garner shared a preview clip from the upcoming episode of HEA. During the clip, the 90 Day Fiance star told her friends that she’s finally going to proceed with her nose job. But many were caught off-guard when she revealed who would design her nose. “I’m getting my nose done. Finally, it’s been bothering me forever. And Sarper has actually designed a new nose for me,” the 90 Day Fiance star said.



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Her two friends were left speechless when she revealed her plans. They expressed their doubts about Sarper Güven, adding that he’s not someone she can fully trust yet. “I haven’t met this guy who’s a stripper who slept with 2,500 people. I’m supposed to sit here and act like it’s no big deal?” one of Shekinah’s friends said before saying that making Sarper decide for her nose is something she wouldn’t do yet. But it seems Shekinah has already made a decision for her upcoming nose job.

90 Day Fiance: Why Fans Doubt Shekinah Garner & Sarper Güven?

Many viewers have doubted Shekinah Garner and Sarper Güven’s relationship since they first appeared on the show. Some 90 Day Fiance fans have noticed that there has been a lot of “controlling” going on between the two, especially on Sarper’s side. Even Shekinah’s friends are aware of it and even told her during the preview, saying, “She thinks if I get married, it’s going to resolve issues. Issues are still going to be there. A piece of paper is not going to change it. Now she’s talking about letting a man design her nose. It’s insane.” Below you can see her new nose.

Shekinah Garner & Sarper Güven From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From @shekinah.garner Instagram
Shekinah Garner & Sarper Güven From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From @shekinah.garner Instagram

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