‘Yellowstone’ Hits A Snag In Production For Season 5

Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan - YouTube/CBS Sunday Morning

The second half of Yellowstone Season 5 has been one of television’s most highly-anticipated releases, right there with the final season of Game Of Thrones. However, there has been a disappointing announcement regarding the show’s production recently. Keep reading to see what the hiccup in production has been and if the show will still premiere on time.

Kevin Costner Won’t Be Returning For Final Episodes

Yellowstone has been a hit series since it first debuted in 2018. Viewers were enthralled by the story being told and it has become one of the most-watched series in history.

The series is set in the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch in Montana. The show dives into the power struggles happening within the Dutton family. Until Season 5 Part 2, the patriarch of the family, John Dutton, has been played by Kevin Costner.

Of course, long-time viewers know that the production of Part 2 of the fifth and final season has hit several snags. It was greatly impacted by the Hollywood strikes last year, which pushed filming back several times. Finally, it was announced that Yellowstone would make its return on November 10, 2024.

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone / YouTube
Kevin Costner in Yellowstone / YouTube

Unfortunately, the announcement of the show’s return came with some bad news as well. One of the show’s main characters won’t be returning, leaving many people questioning how production will move forward.

Kevin Costner confirmed that he would not be returning to Yellowstone after the show’s long hiatus. He broke the news to his fans in a video on Instagram last week. Costner has been a staple in the show’s storyline.

Yellowstone Writers Face A Major Challenge

Almost the entire narrative of the program has centered around John Dutton and his efforts to protect his legacy. Not to mention, there is an entire storyline that may go unresolved.

John Dutton had an ongoing battle with his adopted son Jamie (portrayed by Wes Bentley) and his daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly). This conflict was supposed to be the main focal point of the final season.

Costner opened up about why he was leaving Yellowstone in an interview with Deadline. He said, “What you read in the end was that I said, ‘Well, look, I’m doing my movie. If you want me to work a week because you want to kill me or whatever else, I can give you a week.’ I really didn’t have that week to give them, but I said, I’ll do that. And then they [spun that] into, I only wanted to work a week.”

Yellowstone Pictured (L-R): Kevin Costner as John Dutton
Yellowstone Pictured (L-R): Kevin Costner as John Dutton

The actor’s comments about what happened on the set highlighted some of the tension between Costner and the show’s creator Taylor Sheridan.

Now that it has been confirmed that Costner isn’t returning for the remaining episodes of Season 5, there is a significant challenge to overcome for the writers on the show. John Dutton’s departure will leave a huge hole in the storyline that they have to fill. They will have to explain his absence in some way and maintain the story’s momentum at the same time.

Additionally, they have to find a way to tie up the story that gives Yellowstone fans the conclusion they deserve.

The final season of Yellowstone will premiere on November 10 on Paramount Network. It is also available to stream on Peacock.

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