‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Spot New Season 12 Cast?

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Have diehard Vanderpump Rules fans spotted the new Season 12 cast? Some think that they have based on a new photo posted on social media. So, are viewers excited about this or are they less than enthused? Keep reading for more details on who may be joining the crew.

Vanderpump Rules Fans Spot New Season 12 Cast?

Currently, filming for Season 12 of Vanderpump Rules is on an indefinite hold. Ariana Madix is in Fiji as the host of Love Island. Then, she will head back to New York City for a month to reprise her role as Roxie Hart in Chicago after a very successful run. Plus, ‘Scandoval’ has dominated so much of the series that production wanted to give the cast a break to go live their own lives. Then, the hope is that they can come back to the show with new relationships and exciting drama to breathe new life into Vanderpump.

Vanderpump Rules Season 8/YouTube
Vanderpump Rules Season 8-YouTube

At the same time, some viewers feel it is time to bring some fresh blood onto the hit Bravo reality series. The cast no longer works at SUR and they are not the same as they once were when the series first began in January 2013. Lala Kent and Scheana Shay were even more interested in being moved over to the spinoff, The Valley. When Lisa Vanderpump was on Call Her Daddy, Alex Cooper proposed bringing a whole new generation of SURvers onto the show and starting all over again. LVP rather liked the idea and this may actually be the way that the show is going.


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A photo of the servers from SUR was posted on the restaurant’s Instagram and it made fans question if this was the new cast.

  • I say VPR should go back to SUR and start with a fresh cast. The OGs can pop in here and there to keep it nostalgic 👏
  • New cast ????
  • This looks like it could be the cast of a new season 🤔
  • Put a camera on these people!!

Are They Ready?

The way that they were all posed and dressed, the servers definitely looked like they were Vanderpump Rules ready. So much so that a Reddit thread was started but the reactions were mixed:

  • I wish them luck. If they can strike magic 2x that is shocking and excellent.
    This has been an 11 year journey and this new crew will be all about screen time and side gigs. It cannot be the naive innocence of the original kids in their 20’s just trying to make it in Hollywood.
  • Honestly I don’t hate it 🤞
  • I’d love a reboot for sure! I’m over Low Rent Kent, Scheaner, and the Tom’s. Time for new energy!

It seems like fans would likely watch the new cast or at least give them a chance. Hopefully, some of them will be featured in Season 12 to see if that is the way that the show should go. Do you like the idea of adding actual SUR employees back into the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Please just let Arianna go? She did the same thing with Tom to Kristen. Smhe chose the prize. I’m so sick of her holier than now self righteousness. She needs to go away. She’s too busy to do the show anyway.. Katie made a huge mistake with her business choice!

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