‘Unexpected’ Myrka Cantu Shows Off Baby Bump

Myrka Cantu-YouTube

Former Unexpected star Myrka Cantu is showing off her growing baby bump. The reality star is expecting baby number three with her partner, Juan. The two already have a daughter together, Axelia, who was born in January 2023. Now, she is ready for their next chapter together. Keep reading for more details and to see her bump display.

Unexpected Myrka Cantu Shows Off Baby Bump

In early June 2024, Myrka Cantu and her partner Juan took to Instagram to share that they were expecting baby number two together, her third. She was initially featured as a pregnant teen on the hit TLC series Unexpected. Myrka and her then-boyfriend, Ethan Ybarra were trying to make it work despite the odds against them. When Myrka’s mother found out she was expecting, she was livid and threw her out. So, she went to live with Ethan and his family who cared for Myrka her entire pregnancy. She welcomed their daughter, Attalie but things could not remain happy forever.

Myrka Cantu/YouTube
Myrka Cantu-YouTube

Eventually, Ethan’s parents broke up, the teens needed to find a new place, and their relationship collapsed, as well. Myrka did reconcile with her mother but she had her own struggles. When it came to walking at graduation, she held herself back. However, she ended up meeting Juan and the two started their own little family. They have even claimed to have tied the knot privately. Now, with baby number three on the way, fans are eagerly watching as Myrka’s bump is happily growing.

Myrka Cantu-Instagram
Myrka Cantu-Instagram

Before doing a chat with her fans in her Instagram stories, Myrka Cantu showed off her growing baby bump. She also noted that she is very excited to see what the baby is this time around. It seems that Myrka and Juan have no idea what they are expecting just yet. More so, it appears that they may not find out until the baby is here. Regardless, she calls it a “little gummy bear” which is absolutely adorable, showing how much she loves being a mother.

The Excitement Is Real

Over at @tlc.unexpectedteaa, they shared Myrka Cantu’s baby bump and Unexpected fans were thrilled to see it. Immediately, they headed to the comment section to share thoughts on her growing bump. Plus, some placed guesses on the baby’s gender:

  • Baby boy in there 🩵
  • She looks like she’s carrying low!! Maybe Attalie is right and she’s got a boy on the way!
  • Purrrr myrkaa!! I’m so happy for her she’s beautiful!
  • She’s definitely one of the best moms on the show if not the best.

Of course, there were comments about how young she was with a third baby on the way. It had been noted that she cannot even drink but she is having another child. Regardless, her diehard fans are looking forward to Myrka’s new arrival and many believe it is a boy.

Are you excited to see how much she has grown as a person and do you love her little “bumpdate”? Let us know and watch new episodes of Unexpected Mondays on TLC.

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