‘Today’ Sheinelle Jones Questions Hoda Kotb’s Parenting

Hoda Kotb - YouTube/TODAY

Sheinelle Jones sat in for Jenna Bush Hager on Monday morning on Today with Hoda & Jenna. She joined Hoda Kotb and the pair talked about a number of things. However, one topic had Sheinelle Jones judging Hoda’s parenting style. Continue reading to see what had the Today host so shocked.

Sheinelle Jones Urges Hoda To Tell Her Story

It was clear that Sheinelle Jones had no intention of allowing Hoda Kotb to censor herself while they spoke. During their conversation, Hoda started to tell a story and then stopped short.

Sheinelle urged her to continue. She said, “No, you cannot do that. When would that ever work? In what matrix could Hoda go, ‘You know what? Never mind.’ Where?”

So, Hoda reluctantly continued telling her story. The Today star was talking about visiting her friend’s private backyard pool. She had her daughters, seven-year-old Haley and five-year-old Hope, with her.

Hoda Kotb - YouTube/TODAY with Hoda & Jenna
YouTube/TODAY with Hoda & Jenna

“Me, and my girls and my best friend … we SKINNY-DIPPED!” Hoda Kotb shouted. “It was so fun! My kids were screaming! They were shrieking with delight. Shrieking!” Although she was initially embarrassed to share the story, remembering how much fun her kids had removed all of Hoda’s reservations about sharing the story.

Hoda Kotb Shocks Co-Host With Skinny Dipping Tale

Looking a bit shocked, Sheinelle Jones said, “Time out! There’s too many things happening in my mind. I have to calm my mind. You went skinny-dipping with your children?”

Hoda confirmed that she had, in fact, skinny-dipped with her young children. “One of my dear friends … her husband, who was barbecuing, was like this … ” she said holding up cue cards to shield her eyes, mimicking what her friend’s husband did. “He literally had a paper plate he was holding up. We were screaming.”

Still skeptical, Sheinelle asked, “I’m just saying, like, the husband’s on the grill and y’all are just frolicking in the water?”

Hoda Kotb and Shenielle Jones - YouTube/TODAY with Hoda & Jenna
YouTube/TODAY with Hoda & Jenna

Then, Hoda Kotb inquired about Sheinelle Jones’ skinny dipping experience. She asked, “Have you ever done it?” Sheinelle looked bashful and judgmental at the same time, revealing that she never had. Hoda simply laughed and continued her story.

“I said to my kids, ‘This is our day.’ The towels were right there,” she said. “We were running inside screaming the whole time. It was so fun.”

Despite Hoda’s light-hearted nature in telling the story, Sheinelle Jones seemed worried about what her children might take away from the experience. “Just tell them there’s a time and a place,” she said, wondering what might happen if Hoda’s daughters decided to try and skinny dip at a public waterpark.

At the end of the chat, Sheinelle wound up saying that she thought Hoda was a “good mom,” even though she thought the skinny dipping experience was questionable.

What do you think about Hoda Kotb and her skinny dipping story? Let us know in the comments below.

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