TikToker Reveals She Was Ghosted By ‘Love Island’ Bombshell

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A TikToker has revealed that she was ghosted by one of the bombshells that showed up in last night’s episode of Love Island USA. This season has been full of drama already. However, it seems like there was a long relationship that ended when a bombshell showed up on her television. Fans were not expecting this and what she has to say about him is shocking. Keep reading to find out more.

Drama Unfolds On Love Island

There has been plenty of drama in the current season of Love Island USA. The first big dramatic issue that happened was Rob leaving Leah for the new bombshell, Andrea. Fans did not like how Rob gaslit Leah into apologizing. However, the girls had to send another girl home. They chose to send home Andrea which was shocking as she was in a strong connection. This caused a lot of drama with the guys. Leah then attempted to get back with Rob while in a couple with Connor. Last night, the stick-or-twist game ruined a lot of relationships. All but one to be exact.

Ariana Madix Love Island USA
Ariana Madix Love Island USA

TikToker Reveals Bombshell Relationship

Fans saw three new bombshells enter the villa last night. A TikToker named Hannah revealed that her ex-boyfriend was on the show. 

“I hear a familiar voice and I look up, and who is it? Oh, my four-year situationship, Kenny! I wanna see how he flirts with them because he’s shy. He’s a shy boy – and my sister was like, ‘how is he going to do that?'”

She also revealed that she was left on delivered and was wondering why he was not answering. It is because he was in Fiji filming the show. He had just had a conversation with her about flying to Texas to hangout. Hannah claims that Kenny is shy and is curious to see how he reacts on the show. Fans are excited to see another episode tomorrow night as it is not aired on Wednesday’s.


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It seems that Kenny was in a situationship before entering the villa. However, Hannah is curious to see how he is going to act on the show. She says he was always shy, and it shocked her to see him on the show. The two were not in a serious relationship but had a thing going for around four years. What do you think about the new bombshells? Sound off in the comments below.

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