‘Survivor’ Alum Drew Basile Hits Major ‘Jeopardy!’ Milestone

Drew Basile - Survivor

While the Survivor alum, Drew Basile, didn’t make it to the end of Season 45, he is in the running for a battle of the minds instead now. Previously, he touted he was one of the smartest contenders on Survivor, and now he is showing off his big brain on Jeopardy! as he hits a major milestone.

Drew Basile Is Focusing On The Million Mark

Recently, new contestant Drew Basile entered the Jeopardy! stage, but he was a familiar face for many fans with his time on a different TV series. Before joining the mental giant, Ken Jennings, Drew was on the popular series, Survivor. He says in his introduction, “So I lasted out there for 23 days of 26 with no clothes, no shelter, no food. [It] affected the noggin a little bit, but I’m hoping to, you know, be back on the horse for Jeopardy.” However, he didn’t manage to win the $1M pot at the end of the Survivor. Instead, he is vying to capture the prize on Jeopardy! by zooming through the questions and surpassing milestones on the show. In his first episode, he was labeled a “giant killer” after defeating the reigning champ, Adriana Harmeyer, who now holds the 11th-longest winning streak on Jeopardy!

Drew Basile from Survivor | YouTube
Drew Basile from Survivor | YouTube

Survivor Alum Drew Basile Hits Major Jeopardy! Milestone

Notably, Drew Basile came in charging to take down Adriana Harmeyer and then held his spot for five consecutive days. By earning the five wins, Drew has hit a major milestone on Jeopardy! Since he has five wins under his belt he qualifies to attend the Tournament Of Champions. After claiming he was one of the smartest competitors on Survivor, Drew is putting his money where his mouth is.  Undeniably, his time on Jeopardy! is proving to be fruitful. In his five-day streak, he is moving toward the $1M mark he missed on Survivor, having gained $91,283 along the way. Furthermore, he has an accumulation of 121 correct answers and impressively only 24 incorrect responses in his streak.

Drew Basile - Jeopardy
Drew Basile – Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! Tournament Of Champions

While fans have complained they miss the traditional Jeopardy! since there are endless tournaments, they still seem to want to see the Tournament Of Champions. During Season 40, there have already been several contestants who earned their spot in the next TOC. TOC will take place after the season ends on July 26. The last one was from February 23 to March 19, 2024.

Drew Basile on Jeopardy! | YouTube
Drew Basile on Jeopardy! | YouTube

So far, Drew Basile’s record has only been surpassed by three other Season 40 competitors. Adriana Harmeyer won $349,600 in her 15-day streak before elimination by Drew. Furthermore, Alison Betts won an astounding $121,500 in five days. Likewise, Amy Hummel took home $100,994 in five days as well. If Drew can score $100k total and remain in the top three by the end of the season, he may be granted a pass directly to the semifinal round. This would allow him to bypass the quarterfinal round of the tournament. Time will tell how Drew plays.

What do you think about Drew Basile’s new benchmark? Do you think he will continue his winning streak? Are you cheering for the Survivor alum to finish strong with Jeopardy!? Drop your comments below.

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  1. His arrogance is palatable and almost makes me want to stop watching until he gets the boot. The hand on the hip posturing and his disregard for interaction with the other contestants at the end of the match is not very sportsman like. He was probably picked last in schoolyard games if picked at all.

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