Sunny Hostin Disrupts ‘The View’ With Shocking New Look

Sunny Hostin - The View

Recently, The View host, Sunny Hostin, showed up with a shocking new look that disrupts the whole show. While they are discussing the topics, as usual, Joy Behar can’t move on without bringing up the elephant in the room.

Sunny Hostin Turns Heads

Although The View host, Joy Behar, is known to bring up issues in a blunt manner, her latest interaction catches Sunny Hostin off guard. However, to be honest, all of the co-hosts have an assertive manner about them. For instance, when Whoopi Goldberg called out Alyssa Farrah-Griffin for being pregnant on the show. Notably, none of the table tends to mince words when something is on their mind. On the Wednesday, June 26, show, Sunny is extremely impressive with her hot wing eating with Sean Evans from Hot Ones. But something else is turning up the heat…Sunny’s hair. In the latest episode, Sunny’s new look gets the ladies chatting.

Sunny Hostin - YouTube/The View
Sunny Hostin with her traditional long curly hair. – The View

Sunny Hostin Disrupts The View With A Shocking New Look

During the Tuesday episode of The View, Sunny Hostin was sporting her traditional long curly hair, but Wednesday brought the “Wow” factor. Sunny was the “hot one” at the table with a 007 stylish hair change.

Sean Evan and Sunny Hostin - The View
Sean Evan and Sunny Hostin – The View

Joy Behar is so bewildered with Sunny’s new look, that she can’t help but interrupt the planned topics. She says, “Can I ask Sunny a question? Is that your real hair?” Sunny is open about her switch-up and says, “No, it’s not.” Then, she lets everyone know she saw this look at a party and knew she needed to give it a shot. But it was her hairstylist that brought the creation to life. Her “Bond girl” look was fabulous.

Sunny Hostin shocks fans and co-hosts with her new hairstyle. - The View
Sunny Hostin shocks fans and co-hosts with her new hairstyle. – The View

She Shook Up The Internet

After the show, several fans of The View took to social media to talk about Sunny Hostin’s new appearance. Many people had a double take when they saw her.

"Who dis?" - Sunny Hostin giving double takes. - X
“Who dis?” – Sunny Hostin giving double takes. – X
  • Another says,  “Uh…” and attaches a gif saying, “Who is this woman?”
  • One fan thinks it looks amazing. Saying, “Oooooooh! @sunny with shorter hair. I LOVE IT!”
  • Other observant fans notice right away. Saying, “Oh, Sunny, trying something different today…”

What do you think about Sunny Hostin’s fresh look? Does she look like a “Bond girl” to you? Do you think she will keep this style for a while? Did you like the segment with Sean Evan’s Hot Ones? Do you think Sunny is going to regret eating so many wings? Are you enjoying The View? Drop your comment below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill


  1. Still can’t disguise that big forehead. Head looks bigger with the thinner body. lol
    Still acting like a snob!

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